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CSE307 : Computer Network Lab Important Questions with Solution + Viva Questions - CSE 307

Question 1 : Router Configuration
At Router 1:

configure terminal
interface serial 1
ip address
no shutdown
interface ethernet 1
ip address
no shutdown
router rip

At Router 2:
configure terminal
interface serial 1
ip address
clock rate 64000
no shutdown
interface ethernet 1
ip address
no shutdown
router rip

Question 2 : INSTALLATION OF NIC CARD in the System
  1. unplug the power cable or power supply of the system. 
  2. wear or put on the strap or guard band on the hand so that any extra current from the electronic components such as capacitors on the mother boards can be grounded. 
  3. open the side cover of the CPU case of the cabinet -then detect the  PCI(peripheral component or communication interconnect)slot. 
  4. now take the NIC card check the cut on the card 
  5. now match the cut or the notch on the card and the PCI slot 
  6. now gently insert the card from both the ends in the PCI slot 
  7. tighten the screw of the NIC card's plate to the CPU case so that card cannot move. 
  8. close the CPU case with the side cover and tighten the screw with a screw driver. 
  9. now connect the power supply to the system and start the system

Question 3 : How to locate MAC address of a computer ?
  1. open start menu 
  2. click in run 
  3. On the run window write cmd and click on ok button
  4. cmd window will get open 
  5. In cmd window write command ipconfig/all
  6. In cmd window run command ipconfig/all
  7. It will show the mac address/physical address of the computer.
Question 4: Network Commands ?

To verify a network connection as well as to verify your network settings

Displays active TCP connections.

The tracert command is used to visually see a network packet being sent and received.

TCP/IP Networks IP address.

Give the information about network latency and network loss at intermediate between a source and destination.

FTP is short for File Transfer Protocol.

Displays, adds, and removes arp information from network devices.

Displays information that you can use to diagnose Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure. 

Displays protocol statistics and current TCP/IP connections.

Netsh is to reset the TCP/IP.

 It displays MAC addresses for the local system.


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