Sponsor Ads: FreeFall

Sponsor Ads: FreeFall

Writing Guidelines:
  • Article must be at least 800 word long & should not be longer than infinite word. 
  • The content must be unique, without typos and errors.
  •  Must be well equipped with high quality images. 4 high quality images are necessary for a 800 word blog post.
  •  Relevance is the key. All articles must be related to Article :  1. Tutorial 2. Web Design 3. Graphics Design 4. User interface 5. Animations 6. Apps 7. Programming in any language and More . 
  • Please note, we don’t pay for any blog but you can have a author bio section at the end of articles where you can have link pointing to your blog or website.
  • Links are allowed within the body of article. 
  • Promotional content & affiliate articles are allowed 
  • In article to provide every possible guides and tutorials related to Programming design and new Innovative Ideas. 

Article,  Should be like this : 

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  • Please email us all the articles at sharecodepoint@gmail.com .
  •  We’ll email you, if we decide to publish your question paper, class test and study materials  on our blog. 
  • 5 Rs per Question Paper


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