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A capstone project is a very important task for a student. A capstone project is like a final examination for college students.

Capstone Project
A capstone project always gears up your graduation score. It will help many to boost their all over academic performance. We are helping you to achieve the same by providing guidance for various projects. 

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1. Movie Website Capstone Project (Admin Panel & User Panel)

Admin Panel
  1. Add New Movies 
  2. Add Actors, Directors, Actresses, and more 
  3.  Login History 
  4. User Lists
  5. Movie Lists
  6. Locations
  7. Add & Update Categories 
  8. Banners (for Ads, Sponsor)
  9. Configs
  10. Enquirers
  11. Membership
  12. Contact Us 
  13. Slider Images
  14. Add & Update Menus Bar
  15. and more.
User Panel 
  1. Movies Lists 
  2. Show Movies by Categories like (Bollywood Movies, Hollywood Movies, and More.)
  3. Movie Details With Time, Release Date, Year, Rating, Resolution Cast & Crew, Director, Story, Screenshot, and more 
  4. Download, Save Movie, and Play Button
  5. Update & Edit Setting
  6. Verification System:  Message & Email
  7. Advance Search System 
  8. and more.

2. Education Website (Content Write) 

3. Question & Answer Form (Ask Question, Post Answer, Like, View and More)
Add Questions, Like and Unlike questions, share questions on social media, signup & login, profile update, view counter questions, write answers, and many more.

4. Music Website (Admin Panel & User Panel)
Upload music, add albums, download songs, download history, login history, add in playlist, play online songs, and many more...

5. Gym Management Software (Staff Manage, Attendance, & More Features )
Add membership, profile update, staff system, feedback, gym settings, and many more...

6. Download & Upload Document Software (Admin Panel & User Panel)
upload and download documents, add a new category, login history, and many more...

7. Social Networking Capstone Project 

Facebook + Twitter + Linkedin + Naukri + google plus = this project.
  1. Send friend requests & Add friends 
  2. Newsfeed 
  3. Timeline 
  4. Documents  (Upload & Download )
  5. Automatic Generate Resume
  6. Share, Like, Comment, Save, and More 
  7. Create an Event 
  8. and More

8. Hotel Management Software (Booking System, Staff records, Attendance and More )
Room booking, adding rooms, printing invoices and sending the bills to email, laundry system, front office, generating a report, and many more...

9. E-commerce Website (Admin Panel & User Panel)
Add categories, add items, add coupons, add images, track orders, generate order invoices, customize the websites, and more.

10. Restaurant Food Order Online (Admin Panel & User Panel)
Add Category, Item Names with image, View Order, Generate bill Invoice, Search Food Items, and More.

11. Grammar Sentence Maker
Check the tense automatically (Past, Present, and Future)

12. Bidding System Website
Post ads, bids, and comments add categories, login, and signup with email verification

13. Food Online Order Website
Add Menu, Add Location, Add Items, Admin Panel & User Panel, Check the order status, Change the order status, and many more.

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* Website Design 
  • Theme design 
  • Website for mobile
  • More
* Graphics Design 
  • Banner design
  • Logo design 

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  1. Hi,
    how we can purchase capstone project...do you guys provide full support on project....interested to buy Movie Website Project (Admin Panel & User Panel)......

    1. Yes, Our team provide full support on project.. for more info contact : sachinyadav.designer@gmail.com or 9646206242

  2. i have some projects related to android can i submit those ?

    1. Yes !! send your project details on this email : sharecodepoint@gmail.com and with price , screenshot of your project.

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