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Download New Sharecodepoint Android App from Google Play Store : DocScannerPoint : Document Scanner with OCR, PDF

Download New Sharecodepoint Android App from Google Play Store : DocScannerPoint : Document Scanner with OCR, PDF

 DocScannerPoint — Document Scanner with OCR, PDF

DocScanner Point is an excellent tool for scanning a variety of documents. It is a PDF document scanner app that can turn your phone into a scanner. You can scan anything such as photos, documents, receipts, and so on.

It’s never been easier to scan documents with your smartphone; with this scanner app, you can scan color documents, photographs, images, and text. Every person, whether a school student, a college student, a business person, or anyone, needs a scanner app. The camera scanner software allows you to scan your images and documents in high quality, making it easier for the reader to read the texts. Besides, the app has various auto-correcting functions, such as increasing the brightness and filtering the image for a better and higher quality output.

Scan your documents anytime anywhere.

There are some additional features as well in the app which make your document after scanning more professional and good to look at.

Let’s take a tour of that attractive features::

* Scan your document.

* Enhance the scan quality automatically/Manually.

* Enhancement includes smart cropping and many more.

* Optimize your PDF into modes like B/W, Lighten, Color, and dark.

* Turn scans into clear and sharp PDF.

* Arrange your doc in folder and subfolders.

* Share PDF/JPEG files.

* Print and fax the scanned doc directly from the app.

* Turns your old documents into a clear and sharp one by removing the noise.

* Can create PDF in different sizes from A1 to A-6 and like Postcard, letter, Note, etc.

Features at a glance :

Best Document Scanner: It has all of the features that a scanner should have.

Portable Document Scanner: By having this document scanner on your phone, you can save your time and effort by quickly scanning anything on the fly.

Paper Scanner: The app offers third party cloud storage(Drive, Photos) where you can scan papers and save them on cloud storage.

Best Document Scanner Lite: Scans are saved to your device in image or PDF format.

PDF Document Scanner: Scans PDF with edge detection feature additionally.

All types of Doc Scan: Scan in color, Grey, Sky Blue.

Easy Scanner: Scan and Instant print out documents in any size like A1, A2, A3, A4… etc.

Portable Scanner: The Doc scanner once installed can turn every smartphone into a portable scanners.

PDF Creator: Convert scanned images to the best quality PDF file.

High-Quality Scans: The scan quality is no match, You just get your documents digitally original.

Images to PDF Converter: You can select some images from Image Gallery and convert it into a PDF file as document.

Doc Scanner Point: Take a picture of the whiteboard or blackboard and produce it exactly the same with the help of Doc Scanner at home even if you’re offline. No internet required for the app to function.

Remove grain/noise from old document/picture: Remove Noise from old image Using various advanced filter techniques and make it more clear and sharper than before.

Flashlight: This scanner app also has a Flashlight feature that helps you in taking scans in low-light environment.

A+ Document Scanner: This App is rated A+ by users based upon multiple ratings and reviews

Download DocScanner Point Android App: Download Now

How to Display Post Views Count in Blogger

How to Display Post Views Count in Blogger
Sharecodepoint Blogger

Show the view count of visitors in each post of our blog with the help of Firebase.

  • Blogger
  • Google Analytics Account
  • Firebase Account
First go to firebase, create new project with your blog name.
  • Create Project Name
  • Continue
  • Configure Google Analytics
Enable the services given below, in firebase.
  • Hosting.
  • Add App
  • Realtime Database
After all this, click on General option, under the project setting. From here you copy the Firebase SDK snippet. Format: config. After copying the code, replace with some part of the code below.

  <script src='' type='text/javascript'/> 
$.each($('a[name]'), function(i, e) { 
var elem = $(e).parent().find('#postviews'); 
var blogStats = new Firebase("" + $(e).attr('name')); 
blogStats.once('value', function(snapshot) { 
var data = snapshot.val(); 
var isnew = false; 
if(data == null) { 
data= {}; 
data.value = 0; 
data.url = window.location.href; = $(e).attr('name'); 
isnew = true; 
After all, Lastly, you have to go to your blogger code editor and make some settings as per the information given below. Find the given code by pressing CTRL + F in the keyboard.
<div class='post-snip'> 
This code indicates the head of the blog post, it may also be different in your template.It would be nice if you find it carefully. And just below the code mentioned above, paste the code mentioned.
<i class='fa fa-eye' style='color: green'/> <a expr:name=''/> Views 
After saving the template, go to any post on your blog, check the work done, it is working well.

5 Best Content Writing Tools For SEO in 2021

5 Best Content Writing Tools For SEO in 2021

Managing business and marketing online is a difficult task. If it is the first time, the scenario can become even worse. 

In this article, you will be given several useful tools. These will help you create one of the best SEO strategies. You will find assistance in improving your marketing skills and your reputation on the internet.

A user must know that certain factors are involved in search engine optimization. To create a better SEO plan, a user can use the following tools and get help from them. 

Several tools have been used by different users at different times. The tools that are going to be discussed in this article are the best ones in my opinion. 

They are from different websites and different owners. The list of five best tools for content and SEO writing is as follows:

  1. Plagiarism Checker 

  2. Paraphrasing Tool 

  3. Online Text Editor 

  4. Free Essay Title Generator 

  5. Grammarly

If you are yearning to learn and start writing SEOs for your marketing, let us begin immediately.

Plagiarism Checker Tool:

The first tool that we are going to discuss in today’s article is the plagiarism checker. There is software present in the market to check plagiarism. One can use the plagiarism checker by, oxford plagiarism checker, or plagiarism checker from

We have used the plagiarism checker of Prepostseo. This tool has proven itself efficient and handy to use. 

If you want to create unique and plagiarism-free content, this is the website you must look for. 

It will provide you the nitty-gritty of the plagiarized and the unique work. It shall become easy for you to now change the plagiarized content.

It also gives you an option to remove plagiarism by using a paraphrasing tool.

After creating a SEO optimized content, the user must know that it is not plagiarized.

Plagiarism in your content shows that your content is copied from someone else’s work. 

A plagiarism checker can help you remove the plagiarism in your content. It will let you know the parts which are plagiarized.

Furthermore, such software can help you change the plagiarized content into your unique content.

By using this tool, the user gets a redefined version of its content. Different software uses different techniques to highlight the plagiarized part of the content.

Paraphrasing Tool:

Paraphrasing Tool is an online tool that helps a writer paraphrase its work online for free. It can help writers create more dense and provoking content. 

It is helpful as writers upload their files or paste their data into the software. On the next click, the writer gets his work paraphrased. 

Some tools provide the facility of free trials for one or two days. But after that, the user has to buy them which can be highly expensive. 

Paraphrasing tools can be used to spin the content as well. Paraphrasing tools use synonymous words to change the appearance of the sentence. 

Normally, paraphraser tools are very easy to function and use. A person with a little knowledge of computer can also function these online tools. 

Paraphrasing tools are offered in a large number, online. One can list many premium tools but there are free tools also available.

Some of the most used online free paraphrasing tools are:

A paraphraser tool usually appears to have two empty text boxes. One is to be filled by the user. The user has to provide the data that is to be paraphrased.

The other box automatically fills after the user clicks the “paraphrase” button.

Different online tools provide different words count for paraphrasing. Free tools often provide less word count as compared to the premium ones.

Online Text Editor:

An online text editor tool is used to create online text and edit it in real-time. It is a useful tool for those who want to create documents online. 

There are a lot of online text editing tools. A list of most used is given below:

Normally, online text editors are free. Many of them provide an unlimited word count for lifetime use. They have some features which are, in general, the same in most online editors.

Some of the most useful features are:

  • Creating online content.

  • Uploading an existing file.

  • Some of them provide Word Count.

  • Character Count for the document is also provided by the editors.

  • The facility of checking plagiarism is also provided.

  • A grammar check is also offered.

  • The most highlighted feature of these online text editors is that it doesn’t require any installation.

  • Online text editors often provide the users with the facility of paraphrasing the text.

  • Simple text can be converted into rich text.

  • The document created online can be downloaded and saved in your local storage.

  • Some online editors offer to share the file as it is from the page.

  • Many editors provide mobile apps as well.

Title Generator:

One of the toughest tasks that a writer faces is creating a suitable and eye-catching title. 

Consider, a person having the best ideas but not a single title or topic. A person with a mind possessing humongous vocabulary and word choice but not being able to start it.

If a person is lacking the title, how is he supposed to write about it?

The only answer to all these queries and questions is the title generator. A title generator can help you create a title without any wastage of time and any stress. 

One can use a title generator to generate the ultimate and the best titles out of his ideas. This can be a support to your document. It can prove as the driving force behind your work.

We highly recommend you to use the Essay Title Generator by 

This is one of the best title generators present online for free. 

To use this tool, the user requires to put the required information. You must provide your keyword to the tool so it may start working on it. It takes some seconds and Voila! Your unique and new title is generated.

This tool is also providing us with different subjects of study. Which means that one can create any of the titles from any keyword out of any of his desired subject.


Grammarly is a tool used to check the errors present in the content. It is has both premium and free versions. It can also be downloaded on the device. 

Following are some salient features of Grammarly:

  • Grammar Check

  • Word Count

  • A Style guide

  • Punctuation Check

You just write the text here and click the “Check your Text” button. It will take some moments and to show you the results and errors. The results are showed in a form of list.

All of these facilities are provided by Grammarly under one platform. It is an AI based website that helps users remove mistakes from the text. It also filters out the misused words in the content.


All of the tools are efficient, effective, and useful. But the necessary and the foremost thing is the try to start. No tools can switch human abilities. 

We must keep in mind that there are disadvantages of everything along with its advantages. Every tool can be used by any user but the one with a hardworking heart can get the best out of it.

Tools must be used for a slight help and mistake check only. One must not rely completely on tools.

The up-given tools are the best in their fields. But they must be used as little as possible.

Free SEO Tools to Improve Your Marketing

Free SEO Tools to Improve Your Marketing

Marketing can be difficult, especially if it's your first time. In this resource, we are going to help you by providing a list of the best SEO tools that would assist you in improving your marketing and overall reputation on the internet. You should know that search engine optimization depends on different factors. Thus, you must know about tools that can help you in different aspects of improvement. If you are eager to improve your position in the market then you should not waste any time and start reading the details of the best SEO tools mentioned below!

Google analytics

The first tool in our resource belongs to Google. Google Analytics can help you in getting all the insights about your website and the response it is getting from your target market. Google Analytics is a free tool that can help you track all kinds of website activity, pages opened per session, source of the traffic, bounce rate, page speed, and relative information of the sort. Getting this information helps you stay on track and target the issues that customers are facing from your site. The more you tackle user-experience, the better it would be for your brand!

Title generator 

You must know that title is very much important for your content. It doesn't matter how unique and well-researched your content is until and unless it has an attractive title. If your title is not unique, then people would not be interested in reading what you have written in the body. Setting a title is not that easy, so you must take help from professional tools and applications that can help in title generation. The title of your content must show relativity to the niche you are working on.

Check Plagiarism With

Plagiarism is an important part of SEO. If you are publishing duplicate content on your website, then there is no chance that you can improve your position. Unique content is the only thing that can help you get to the top ranks. The content similarity checker by this website is a very reliable tool that can help you scan your work and find all kinds of plagiarism. This is a free plagiarism tool that can help you in not only scanning duplication but also in removing it. It is wise to have a plagiarism checker at hand every time you are preparing content for marketing!

Image finder by duplichecker

Images are an important part of content marketing today. This is because people are more interested in visual content than they are in the text these days. Making images is not that easy, and this is why you need to hook up with the image finder tools to get the best quality images. You must know that the image finder tool by duplichecker which is also known as a reverse image search tool is the best tool that can help you find relative and authentic images for your content and that too for free!

Backlink maker by SmallSeoTools

Backlinks play a vital role in better search engine optimization. We want you to understand that backlinks are the vote of confidence that your website gets from other reputed brands indexed with the search engine. If you want instant improvement in your traffic and ranking position then you need to have backlinks on your site. Today getting quality backlinks has become very much easy just because of the modern backlink maker tools. The backlink maker tool by smallseotools is a free and reliable tool that can help you get quality and relative backlinks for your brand!

Keyword finder - SearchEngineReports

The keyword finder tool by SER is an important tool as it can help you get the most relative keywords for your content. Keywords are the backbone of SEO as they add the essence of visibility to your work. You must add the most relative and high ranked keywords in your content. Keywords can help you set a complete target market, and this is why you need to add these keywords in your content. If you are not adding keywords in your content, there is no way that your work would be indexed or marketed!


Grammarly is a very famous tool available on the internet these days. This is a writing tool that can help you create the highest quality content. You must know that content quality is among the major SEO affecting factors, and this is why you need to focus on the quality of your work instead of quantity. Grammarly is a free tool that can be used online and can also be installed on your device for offline use. This tool does not only helps you in finding mistakes in your work but also gives you complete solutions for the errors. This is the perfect tool for writers and content marketers, as well.

History Term Paper Writing Tips

History Term Paper Writing Tips

 Term Paper is a major research and writing work at the end of a term or semester. It involves both research and writing. The level and quality of research in your term paper will depend on the academic program you are pursuing. In this post, we will discuss some of the writing tips you can use to write your history term paper. But before that let’s have a few words about good writing in general.

For your term paper to get high ranks, it should be written in a clear and concise manner. Your ideas should come crystal clear and all possibilities of ambiguity should be removed. You can write with clarity only if you have understood the topic and all associated issues clearly. This is possible only when you have devoted enough time researching and understanding the subject. So, do thorough and exhaustive research for your term paper.

Complete your writing in multiple stages. To edit the copy a few times and proofread it well. Make sure all unnecessary words and sentences are removed. Also, follow a standard structure and formatting style for writing your term paper. For structure, you can follow the following example:

  • Meta Description 
  • Title Page 
  • Acknowledgment 
  • Table of content 
  • Abstract 
  • Introduction 
  • Literature Review 
  • Research methodology 
  • Results 
  • Recommendations 
  • Bibliography

For formatting, you can use any of the style manuals available. The key is to follow the style and be consistent with it.

Now, let’s have a look at how you should approach your history term paper writing. But before we begin, I propose to take a look at best term paper services on Omnipapers

In the course of the research, you may have come across a lot of information and you may have prepared a lot of notes. The key is not to miss anything important whether it’s information or citation or references. Each of these elements contributes in their own way to the quality of your term paper. So, be patient with the process and use up all the quality stuff you have for your research paper.

Now, let’s look at how you can bring all the information in one place and give it the shape of your term paper.


If you have a topic to write your term paper, it is important to read about its background and context. The research on the topic is necessary but knowing deeply about the background and the right contextual framework will lend richness and maturity to your research and writing. For this, you should use the library reading room where resources are more easily available. During this phase of research and writing, try to find the answer to all the intriguing aspects of the topic. Also, keep an eye out for any dominant or subtle trends. Your history term paper will reflect substance and quality only when the topic you have discussed is seen in the context of the larger picture and how it relates to the current and future trends.


Your theme paper is an articulation of your point of view on a subject. So you will have to come clear and strong about what you feel about the subject. The idea of the research is to equip you with enough information on a topic so that you can develop your own understanding and hypothesis about it. When you set out with your unique point of view about a topic, you need to substantiate it with relevant chronology, the sequence of events, evidence, and references to facts and figures. This can be a boring and painstaking task. But endure with it and finish your project with all the details and necessary elements in their respective place. At this stage, it’s a good idea to talk to your professor or a senior student for guidance.


For writing a good history term paper, you need to write in multiple stages. It is because you have too much information and you need to organize and arrange in your writing that it presents your arguments in a positive light and powerfully. Enjoy the process of writing. It’s creative and information-intensive. At the end of it, it should be able to show a concept or an idea with absolute clarity. Edit the copy as many times as required to chisel out an absolutely clean piece of writing.


Writing a history term paper can be an interesting, creative, and fun-filled exercise if you have taken all the right steps. With the help of this guide, you should be able to put together a really insightful history term paper.

Is It Possible to Find Free Essay Writer Online?

Is It Possible to Find Free Essay Writer Online?

Getting high-quality academic papers for free - is it possible? To some degree, yes. You can get lots of stuff for free that may help you in your academic endeavors. It’s important, though, that you order a do my essay free assignment from reliable services.

Those will give you free samples, all kinds of discounts, free pages, and multiple bonuses when you’re ordering for the first time or are a regular customer.

Where to Find a Free Essay Writer

There are plenty of places you can find free samples and other bonuses:

  • Specialized writing services;
  • Freelance platforms;
  • Student forums and platforms, etc.

The best option, of course, is to use a specialized online service. These companies hire professional writers that have educational backgrounds in different fields. There are websites that only work in one direction (Math, English, IT, etc.) and those that offer help in all kinds of disciplines. If you find a reliable service like this, you’ll get affordable prices, free samples, free title and bibliography pages, high quality of writing, and lots of other benefits.

As to freelance platforms, there are also a lot of talented writers. They are more independent and might create a custom paper before the deadline you specifically state. However, this independence may also become a problem. Some writers might just refuse to write your paper last-minute or leave it half the way through. This doesn’t happen often, but if using this option, just keep in mind that you may need a backup.

Student platforms can become a great library of useful services for studies, including essay writing websites. There might also be templates and samples on any topic so that you can find a nice example of what you need. However, sometimes those samples aren’t proofread or posted on a forum without the author’s consent. If this tells you anything, use such platforms for additional help only.

Looking for an expert writer should imply you’re ready to spend some money on their services. Think for yourself, who would successfully hire an experienced academic writer for free? There are a lot of things you can get for free:

  • Samples;
  • Free pages;
  • Discounts;
  • Sales;
  • One-time bonus for a first-time or regular buyer, etc.

However, if someone offers you a free paper on your topic, think twice before agreeing.

Why It Is Dangerous to Use Free Services

Not all free services scream "scam", but you should pay attention to the following:

  • What exactly is for free. It might be the first order if it’s a couple of pages long or, most usually, a sample. If a service offers you free essays and there’s a library with tons of papers, think of how many people have downloaded them and what the quality is.
  • What information you’re asked for. A service might ask you for personal information prior to giving you access to the free things. See if there’s your phone number, address, card information, college name, etc. If there are, consider using another service. Be very careful with your personal data, no matter how the company explains that they need extra info.
  • The quality of papers. It’s fine to download papers from free services if you’re doing it for reference or to see the structure, vocabulary, etc. you can use for your own paper. Don’t ever hand in downloaded essays or research papers as this is plagiarism and you don’t want to jeopardize your studies like that.

It’s much better to use a paid service and get so many bonuses that you won’t even feel those $10 off your account. There are so many opportunities to get more and pay less, don’t miss them!

How You Can Save By Ordering a Paper from a Reliable Service

If ordering a paper from a reliable writing service, you get:

  • An essay written by someone with proper education;
  • Free title and bibliography page (usually);
  • Free samples (usually);
  • Free samples from a certain writer (optional);
  • Free formatting (usually);
  • A discount (if you’re a first-time buyer or order a certain amount of pages);
  • Your data safety and no redundant questions asked, etc.

Your wallet and other data will be safe and the quality of your order will be top-notch!

Be Careful with Your Choice

When it comes to free stuff, people get very curious and often ask “What if this time it’s true?”. However, most of the time, free essays or any other things that are not a part of a campaign or lead to a future purchase are scams. Another scenario is that it might be just a very poor-quality, plagiarized paper (if we’re talking about essays). 

It’s so much better to find a reliable essay writing service that is convenient to use. A lot of such services can be found online, offering reasonable prices, high-quality academic writing, and effective customer support. It’s not free, but it definitely is a great investment in your future academic success.

Using seemingly free services might be dangerous, especially if you have an important paper due tomorrow and the website asks for your personal information. It’s possible that you will get a paper that has been published somewhere already or is plagiarized from another source. Not to mention your personal data might be in danger.

Get free samples, accept special offers and the best deals, save money on those papers, but it’s better if you order them from a trustworthy company.

How to Host a Jitsi Meet Server using ssh steps by steps

How to Host a Jitsi Meet Server using ssh steps by steps

In this tutorial to tell you how to install Jitsi Meet (and its required components) on a server.

Example parameters: In this example, our fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) is "". All passwords will be set to "sha202023".

Step 1: Log into your server as root (or use sudo) and make sure your server is entirely up-to-date:

apt update
apt full-upgrade

Step 2: Ensure that your hostname and FQDN are set (if not, set them by placing the hostname in /etc/hostname and the FQDN in /etc/hosts):

cat /etc/hostname
dnsdomainname -f
cat /etc/hosts

Step 3: Install the prerequisite packages:

apt install gnupg apt-transport-https

Step 4: Add the Jitsi repository to your package manager and refresh your package lists:

echo 'deb stable/' >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/jitsi-stable.list
wget -qO - | sudo apt-key add -
apt update

Step 5: Install the Jitsi Meet package:

apt install jitsi-meet

Enter your FQDN when prompted, and select the option to generate a self-signed certificate during installation. 

Step 6: Generate a publicly-usable SSL/TLS certificate using Let's Encrypt:


The server should now be publicly usable. 

Step 7: (Optional): If your server is behind a router performing NAT, forward ports TCP/443 and UDP/10000 to the server's internal IP address. Open the videobridge configuration file:

nano /etc/jitsi/videobridge/

Add these two lines of configuration with the appropriate IP addresses:<Local.IP.Address><Public.IP.Address>

Step 8: To require authentication to create or join a room, open the Prosody configuration file:

nano /etc/prosody/conf.avail/

Change the "authentication" option from "anonymous" to "internal_plain":

authentication = "internal_plain"

Step 9: Open the Jifoco configuration file:

nano /etc/jitsi/jicofo/

Add this option to the bottom of the file:

Step 10: To create a user in Prosody, run this command:

prosodyctl register yourusernamehere P@ssw0rd

Step 11: Restart the Prosody and Jitsi services to apply changes:

systemctl restart prosody
systemctl restart jicofo
systemctl restart jitsi-videobridge2

Step 12: To not require authentication for joining a room while still requiring authentication for creating new rooms, open the Prosody configuration file:

nano /etc/prosody/conf.avail/

Add a new VirtualHost section to the bottom of the file:

VirtualHost ""
authentication = "anonymous"
c2s_require_encryption = false

Step 13: Open the Jitsi Meet configuration file: Code

nano /etc/jitsi/meet/

Uncomment and set the "anonymousdomain" option:

anonymousdomain: '',

Step 14: Restart the Prosody and Jitsi services to apply changes (again):

systemctl restart prosody
systemctl restart jicofo
systemctl restart jitsi-videobridge2

How do you disable browser Autocomplete on web form field / input tag?

How do you disable browser Autocomplete on web form field / input tag?

Firefox 30 ignores autocomplete="off" for passwords, opting to prompt the user instead whether the password should be stored on the client. 

  • The password manager always prompts if it wants to save a password. Passwords are not saved without permission from the user. 
  • We are the third browser to implement this change, after IE and Chrome.

According to the Mozilla Developer Network documentation, the Boolean form element attribute autocomplete prevents form data from being cached in older browsers.

<input type="text" name="foo" autocomplete="off" />

How can I know which radio button is selected via jQuery?

How can I know which radio button is selected via jQuery?

To get the value of the selected radioName item of a form with id myForm:

Here's an example:

$('#myForm input').on('change', function() {
   alert($('input[name=radioName]:checked', '#myForm').val()); 
<script src=""></script>
<form id="myForm">
  <input type="radio" name="radioName" value="1" /> 1 <br />
  <input type="radio" name="radioName" value="2" /> 2 <br />
  <input type="radio" name="radioName" value="3" /> 3 <br />

How do I get a YouTube video thumbnail from the YouTube API?

How do I get a YouTube video thumbnail from the YouTube API?

Each YouTube video has four generated images. They are predictably formatted as follows:<insert-youtube-video-id-here>/0.jpg<insert-youtube-video-id-here>/1.jpg<insert-youtube-video-id-here>/2.jpg<insert-youtube-video-id-here>/3.jpg

The first one in the list is a full size image and others are thumbnail images. The default thumbnail image (i.e., one of 1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg) is:<insert-youtube-video-id-here>/default.jpg
For the high quality version of the thumbnail use a URL similar to this:<insert-youtube-video-id-here>/hqdefault.jpg
There is also a medium quality version of the thumbnail, using a URL similar to the HQ:<insert-youtube-video-id-here>/mqdefault.jpg
For the standard definition version of the thumbnail, use a URL similar to this:<insert-youtube-video-id-here>/sddefault.jpg
For the maximum resolution version of the thumbnail use a URL similar to this:<insert-youtube-video-id-here>/maxresdefault.jpg
All of the above URLs are available over HTTP too. Additionally, the slightly shorter hostname works in place of in the example URLs above.