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15 Top High Protein Diet - VEG or NON VEG Food - Protein do we need every day - Fitness Tips

Many people face problems in following their diet because many of them don't exactly know how much protein in each food items  contains.

Those who are vegetarian / non vegetarian i listed top high protein diet for the muscle mass gain.

 If you are vegetarian then don't worry because their are plenty of foods available in which high >protein found . 

You just need to take a look of food items which you need to add in your diet plan. 

In this article i gave a approx protein compositions in 100 g of respective food item .

#1 Peanut Butter : 25g Protein 

#2 Eggs : 6 - 7g Protein

#3 Nuts : 20g Protein 

#4 Sweet Potato : 2g Protein 

#5 Chicken Breast : 14g / 8.5g Protein

#6 Fish : 22g Protein 

#7 Lentils : 9g Protein 

#8 Red Meat : 29g Protein 

#9 Greek Yougurt : 10g Protein 

#10 Cottage Cheese : 11g Protein 

#11 Broccoli : 3g Protein 

#12 Beans : 21g Protein 

#13 Almonds : 21g Protein

#14 Avocado : 2g Protein 

#15 Green Salad


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