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AGR311 : Sustainable Agriculture and Farming System Important MCQ Questions for Mid Term Exam UNIT 1 , UNIT 2

Farming system model for rainfed and irrigated situations. Crop diversification- definition, scope and advantages.


1. What are the biological factors affecting farming system among
the following?
A) Topography
B) Livestock
C) Education
D) Rainfall

2. Diversified Farming System is otherwise known as.
B) Specialized Farming
C) Organic Farming
D) Ranching Farming

3. Which of the following is not the objective of farming system?
A) Saving Energy
B) Fodder Requirement
C) Input Use Efficiency
D) Risk a version

4. Avena fatua comes under which factor of farming system?
A) Physical Factor
B) Biological Factor
C) Chemical Factor
D) Mechanical Factor

5. Suggest the best Allied Enterprise to the farmers, when the main
crop grown is RICE.
A) Apiculture
B) Sericulture
C) Fishery
D) Biogas

6. Farming system is which kind of enterprise among the following?
A) Dependent Enterprise
B) Independent Enterprise
C) Both A and B
D) None of the Above

7. Mix Farming is which kind of enterprise among the following?
A) Dependent Enterprise
B) Independent Enterprise
C) Both A and B
D) None of the Above

8. Recycling of waste & residues is
of Farming system.
A) Component
B) Objective
C) Principle
D) Advantage

9. Grazing of animals on public field is known as?
A) Dairy Farming
B) Diversified Farming
C) Mix Farming
D) Ranching Farming

10. Which of the following is/are the Socio Economic factors of
Farming System?
A) Family Composition
B) Education
C) Food Preference
D) All the Above

11. The farm wastes are better recycled for productive purposes
in which type of farming system?
A) Specialized Farming System
B) Integrated Farming System
C) Diversified Farming System
D) Both A and B

12. Olericulture refers to
A) Flower cultivation
B) Vegetable cultivation
C) Fish Rearing
D) Fruit cultivation

13. In context with Gender, Farming system is?
A) Sensitive
B) Insensitive
C) Unsusceptible
D) None of the Above

14. Farming System is a…
A) Atomistic approach
B) Individual approach
C) Holistic approach
D) Both B and C

15. In Diversified Farming, No source of income equal as much
as …………. % in total income.
A) 25%
B) 50%
C) 75%
D) 35%

16. Specialized Farming System is aimed at.
A) Maximization of Production
B) Maximization of Time
C) Maximization of Area
D) All of the Above

17. IFS leads to
A) Low Benefit-Cost Ratio
B) High Benefit-Cost Ratio
C) Both A and B
D) None of the Above

18. Which of the following enterprises can be integrated in
wetland ecosystem?
A) Poultry
B) Fisheries
C) Both A and B
D) None of the Above

19. Why Farming System is mainly recommended in India?
A) To increase productivity
B) 70% of India’s population depends on agriculture
C) To increase income
D) Cheaper way of farming

20. Which of the following is not the component of IFS
A) Olericulture
B) Specialized Farming
C) Fencing
D) Sericulture

21. Soil potentiality can be increased by
A) Inorganic Fertilizers
B) Organic
C) Intensified Irrigation
D) All of the above

22. Which objective favors Benefit-Cost ratio?
A) High Input use efficiency
B) Cash flow round the year
C) Profitability
D) Productivity


1. The major reasons for Multiple Cropping are..
1. Weed Control
2. To control Soil Erosion
3. To maintain sustainability
4. To save water
C) 1,2,3 CORRECT

2. Biogas is composed of
A) Co2
B) Methane, Co2
C) Hydrogen, Fluorine
D) Methane, Co2, Hydrogen Sulphide

3. Conventional Source of Energy among the following..
A) Solar Energy
B) Wind Energy
C) Natural Gas
D) BOTH A and B

4. Apis cerena is better acclimatized to?
A) Plains
B) Lower Altitudes
C) Higher Altitudes
D) All the Above

5. Gir cow comes under which Breeder form?
A) Dual Breeder
B) Dairy Breeder
C) Buffalo
D) Draft Breeder

6. Which of the following falls under the category of Exotic Breed
A) Murrah
B) Jersey
C) Gir
D) Ongole Bull

7. The most recommended depth of pond for fish rearing is?
A) 1-2 mt
B) 1.5-2 mt
C) 3-4 mt
D) 5-6 mt

8. Apis Mellifera is otherwise known as…
A) Indian Bee
B) Italian Bee
C) Rock Bee
D) None of the Above

9. Temperature required for gas production in Biogas Plant?
A) 15 – 20 c
B) 20 – 25 c
C) 30 – 35 c
D) 40 – 45 c

10. Which type of Gas plant is constructed Underground?
A) Fixed Dome type
B) Float Type
C) Either of them
D) None of these

11. 1 st Biogas plant in the world was established in the year?
A) 1947
B) 1935
C) 1939
D) 1835

12. Primary Products of Biogas are?
A) Methane
B) Hydrogen
C) Hydrogen Sulphide
D) Both A and B

13. Phytoplankton stands as a necessary term in?
A) Sericulture
B) Fisheries
C) Apiculture
D) None of the Above

14. A farmer planted his 1 st crop CORN and prior to harvesting
corn, He planted his 2 nd crop WHEAT.
This Type of Cropping pattern is known as?
A) Sequential
B) Relay
C) Mix
D) Differential

15. A farmer planted his 1 st crop Rice and after harvesting the
crop, he introduced his 2 nd crop POTATO in to the field.
This Type of cropping pattern is known as?
A) Sequential
B) Relay
C) Mix
D) Differential

16. Which among the following enterprises provide constant
A) Poultry
B) Dairy
C) Fishery
D) Apiculture

17. Gas Generation is the function of?
A) Methane Availability
B) C02 Availability
C) Dung Availability
D) Slurry

18. Sugar rich compound present in flowers?
A) Honey
B) Nectar
C) Pollen
D) Pasturager

19. Gas production considerably high in which Season?
A) Winter
B) Summer
C) Autumn
D) Rainy

20. Which is the largest producer of Mulberry Silk?
A) India
B) China
C) Philippines
D) Srilanka

21. Which of the following conditions are adopted by Bees?
A) Smothering
B) Spawing
C) Swarming
D) Both A and C

22. Which of the following is a pasturager?
A) Sunhemp
B) Sunflower
C) Safflower
D) Potato

23. Which type of soil is highly recommended for fish rearing?
A) Sandy
B) Silty
C) Clay
D) Alluvial

24. Which of the following Allied Enterprise is an Emerging
A) Dairy
B) Fishery
C) Poultry
D) Sheep and goat

25. Growing two or more crops on the same piece of land
simultaneously with definite Row pattern is?
A) Relay Cropping
B) Sequence Cropping
C) Intercropping
D) Mix Cropping

26. Which type of treatment is done to Gobar to produce Fuel
A) Aerobic Treatment
B) Anaerobic Treatment
C) Both of them
D) None of the above


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