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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

CSE100 : Basic Programming Skills Mid Term Exam Question Paper | lpu

Course Code : CSE100: Basic Programming Skills

Question 1: 
a) C is structured language and middle level language! Comment?
b) Compare and contrast null statement and break statement?
c) Enumerate the data kinds available in C. discuss their format strings,range,memory occupied?
d) Compare and contrast the syntax errors,run time errors and linker errors?
e) Is do while exit controlled or entry controlled loop? Why?

Question 2:
(a) Write a program to print the following?
one 1 2
one 1 two 3
one 1 two three 5
one 1 two three five eight 

(b) draw flowchart to check whether number is palindrome (i.e. reverse of number is identical as number) ?

Question 3:
(a) write a program to compute factorial of a number entered at runtime?

(b) Evaluate the subsequent expressions:-
1. a=(15/3)*2+5%3-(3-1)
2. a=++b *5+8/4%2 where b=7

Question 4: 
(a) write a program to display what time of the day it is?

(b) obtain errors in subsequent code? What will be the output after corrections?

void main()
int a;
printf("enter the value of a");
return 0;

Question 5:
(a) Differentiate ranging from (using examples):-
1. Contrast variable and Volatile variable
2. For and Do while

(b) Analyze bitwise shift Operators? 

(c) organize the subsequent operators in highest to lower priority:-


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