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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

CAP302 : Analysis and Design of info System Mid Term Exam Question Paper | lpu

Question 1.
a. discuss the term System Analyst with examples. [2] 
b. Write down the various categories of info systems. [2]
c. what are the term Decision Tables with examples. [2]
d. what are the various activities involved in Recruitment Determination. [2]
e. describe the term Cost Benefit Analysis with examples. [2]

Question 2.
a. As a project manager, write down the procedures you will follow to consider the 
feasibility of the "Examination System Project" of a particular university. [5]
b. As a team leader how will you determine the requirements of a particular project
allocated to your team? Take examples of any project and discuss. [5]

Question 3. 
Give a detailed explanation of the tools available in ADI for documenting 
procedures and decisions. [10]

Question 4. 
Suppose you want to develop an "Employee info system" for a multinational
company. Identify the SDLC steps needed for its implementation. [10] 

Question 5. 
As a manager of a board of directors of a multi-national company, how will you 
choose the project for your company and how will you create the review document for 
identical. [10]

Question 6.
During the initial stage of a project development in your company, as a project
manager you realized that the fact it will not be feasible for your company to deliver the
project well in time and at the needed cost by client. Now discuss the procedures to
handle this infeasible project. [10]


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