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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

MGT222 : Managing Human Mid Term Question Paper | lpu

Course Code: MGT 222 Course Name: Managing Human

Question 1. 
(a) A worker is bored from repeating certain tasks. How would you decrease his boredom?
(b) describe the term `training` and `development`.
(c) which trainning technique would you recommend for a welder? Why?
(d) describe the term `Industrial Relations` and who are the parties to Industrial Relations?
(e) describe the term fringe benefits and provide a few examples.

Question 2. 
(a) Do you think performance appraisalwill convert employees into better employees? 
If yes,how?
(b) An individual hired for a position obtains out that the work he was asked to do was not the
work he was hired to do.Is it possible/ explain.
(c) "A well-thought out orientation programme is essential for all new employees,whether they 
they have experience or not". discuss why you agree or disagree with this statement?
(d) Suppose a key employee has just resigned and if you are the department manaager.After you 
have sent your request for replacement,how could you help the recruiter to obtain the best 

Question 3.
(a) A growing number of employees are reluctant to accept overseas asssignments. why do they 
refuse? What benefits and services would you offer them to accept uch transfer?
(b) Training programmes are frequently the 1st items when management wants to cut costs.
Why is it so?

Question 4.
(a) When and Why would you pay a sales person a combined salary and commission?
(b) Today the organisations are using multiple raters in assesing the employees performance.
Name the method, who are the raters,discuss the prons and cons of the above mentioned 
method and how is it helpful to employees?


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