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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

CSE207: Linux Programming Mid Term Exam Question Paper | lpu

Question 1:
(a) Difference ranging from open source and free source software with example. [2]

(b) Configure new user and groups using virtual console. [2]

(c) Difference ranging from echo and printf discuss using example. [2]

(d) discuss Common runlevel values on RHEL and to check current runlevel? [2]

(e) discuss shadow passwords with example. [2]

Question 2:
 (a)Explain shell and its different kinds . Configure new shwll with prompt having "LPU>" and display message "WELCOME" to all users who are currently login. [5]

(b)Create a directory structure of university management and perform the following:
List all directories in /university/cse

Set the shortcut ofr university directory as uni.

Create the files and append it with a few text using only cat command.

Show the difference ranging from cp and mv.

Set the permission as u=rw, g=rx and o=r.

Shut down the system after 30 min.

change permissions of the user and groups from identical console of the user.

Show the exit status for Directory. [5]

Question 3:
(a)Explain the difference ranging from desktop environment and windows manager with example. [5]

(b) Compare the creation of files and directories in CLI and GUI mode. [5]

Question 4: 
(a) Create a function of Armstrong and check whether a number is armstrong or not by calling this function. [5]

(b) Create a script to check whether a number is palindrome or not. [5]

Question 5:
(a)Create a new environment using getenv and putenv functions. [5]

(b) Difference betwen low level I/O and standard library I/O functions. provide suitable example. [5]


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