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How to Google Analytics 4 Configuration tag step by step

How to Google Analytics 4 Configuration tag step by step
Find below the google analytics 4 configuration:
  1. Click Tags > New.
  2. Click Tag Configuration.
  3. Select Google Analytics: GA4 Configuration.
  4. Enter your measurement ID.
  5. Keep the Send a page view event when this configuration loads option checked to automatically send pageviews.
  6. Optional: Click the Send to server container checkbox to send all events associated with this GA4 configuration to the specified Server Container URL for use with a Tag Manager server container, instead of directly to Google Analytics. Learn more about Server-Side Tagging.
  7. Optional: Add any parameters you'd like to configure in Fields to Set. Use recommended event parameter names for best results.
  8. Optional: Add any custom user properties that you'd like to configure in User Properties. Note: Analytics automatically logs some user properties. You can set up to 25 additional user properties per Google Analytics 4 property.
  9. Optional: Click Triggering and use the Initialization trigger to ensure that the Google Analytics 4 Configuration tag fires before other triggers.
  10. Click Triggering and select appropriate events that would cause the tag to fire.
  11. Save the tag configuration and publish your container.


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