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How to create a Google Analytics 4 Event tag

How to create a Google Analytics 4 Event tag

Find below the create a google analytics 4 Event Tag:

  1. Click Tags > New.
  2. Click Tag Configuration.
  3. Select Google Analytics: GA4 Event.
  4. For Configuration Tag, select the Configuration Tag you created earlier.
  5. For Event Name, specify the name of the event. Use the recommended event names for best results.
  6. Optional: Enter Event Parameters. Use recommended event parameter names for best results.
  7. Click Add Row.
  8. Enter a Parameter Name.
  9. Enter a Value.
  10. Repeat until all desired parameters have been added.
  11. Optional: Add any custom user properties that you'd like to configure in User Properties. Note: Analytics automatically logs some user properties. You can set up to 25 additional user properties per Google Analytics 4 property.
  12. Click Triggering and select appropriate events that would cause the tag to fire.
  13. Save the tag configuration and publish your container.


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