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25 Points SEO Checklist You Need to More Traffic - SEO Tips & Tricks

We’ve created this 25 points SEO checklist of all the essentials needed to help you optimize your website content, get quality organic traffic.

Create Relevant, Quality Content
1. Do keyword research.
2. 2. Search for your target keywords.

On-Page SEO Checklist
3. Check for pages with low word count
4. Incorporate subheadings, lists, and tables
5. Check your title tags
6. Include relevant meta descriptions
7. Add image descriptions
8. Watch your URL length
9. Add an appropriate amount of links
10. Interlink your articles
11. Check for duplicate content issues
12. Create custom Page Not Found pages
13. Resolve dead-end pages

Technical SEO Checklist
14. Resolve performance issues
15. Focus on mobile-friendliness
16. Add schema markup
17. Resolve broken links
18. Identify and fix server errors
19. Make the pages on your site reachable (create a sitemap)
20. Create a Robots.txt file
Security Checklist
21. Implement SSL Certification
22. Make forms secure
23. Make sure your meta information is secure

Reputation & Back-links Checklist
24. Get links from top sites
25. Fine tune your anchor text


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