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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

SAP Communication MCQ Questions with Answers

1. Which of the followin is NOT a sap interface technology.
a. Electronic Data Interchange(EDI)
b. Application Link Enable(ALE)
c. Common Program Interface Communication(CPI-C)
d. None of the above

Ans : d

2. Remote Function Call(RFC) describes...
a. an interface, not the programming language in which funtion runs.
b. programming language, not an interface in which function runs.
c. an interface and a programming language both in which funtion runs.
d. none of the above.

Ans : a

3. Import and Export parameters are defined __________
a. in SAP system
b. in ABAP program
c. in function builder
d. in RFC interface

Ans : c

4. Who creates function modules along with their parameter?
a. Function Developer
b. Function Debugger
c. Function Controller
d. Function Builder

Ans : d

5. Every RFC interface is 
a. Bi-directional
b. Uni-directional
c. Some are bi-directional and some are uni-directional
d. Undefined, depends on requirements

Ans : a

6. Which of the following is correct statement about BAPIs
a. differentiate various solutions in the framework of SAP Business Suite
b. links business processes across system boundaries.
c. connects internal program only
d. doesn't connect an SAP system to the internet

Ans : b

7. _________is a means of creating and operating distributed applications.
a. Function Builder
b. ALE
c. both
d. none

Ans : b

8. SOAP stands for
a. Standard Organisation of Applications and Programs
b. Simple Object Access Protocol
c. Standard Object Access Program
d. Simple Object Application Protocol

Ans : b


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