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Saturday, 24 February 2018

MEC205 : Manufacturing Technology Mid Term Exam Question Paper - MEC 205 - Lpu Question Paper

Manufacturing technology provides the tools that enable production of all manufactured goods.

1.Time allowed 1.5hr
2.This paper contain five ques. divided into 3 parts.
3.Part A and B are compulsory part c(question four to 5)attempt any one ques. out of two ques. attempt all parts of the ques. chosen
5.The marks assigned to every ques. are shown at the end of every ques.
6.Answer all the ques. in serial order.

                                                                                         part A                           2*5=10 marks

Question 1)  a. What is slotter ?
b. On what factors does the tool life depend?
c. How the thread are made on lathe
d. What are the different kinds of automatic lathes in the multi-spindale category?
e. What is interrupted cutting

Question  2) a. Give the comparison ranging from turret and capstan lathes?(5)
b. Explain broaching with the help of figure and example?(5)

                                                                                              part -B

Question 3) Elaborate the differences ranging from automatic lathe and capstan lathe ?give an example component suited for capstan lathe with dimension?(15)

                                                                                                Part C

Question 4) The subsequent observations were made during an orthogonal cutting operation

Tool rake angle=10 degree ,co-efficient of friction=.85,chip thickness=2.5mm,width of cut=15mm,cutting speed =40m/min,feed=1.5mm/rev,shear strength=650N/mm2(15)

Determine the subsequent
1.chip thickness ratio 
2.shear angle
3.shear force
4.friction angle
5.cutting force
6.power consumed at the cutting tool.

Question 5) Draw and discuss about knee and column kind milling machine (15 marks)


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