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Saturday, 24 February 2018

CSE373 : Multimedia System And Design Mid Term Exam Question Paper - CSE 373 - Lpu Question Paper

A Multimedia System is a system capable of processing multimedia data and applications. - Internet

Time allowed :1.5hr.
1.This paper contain five ques. divided in 2 parts
2.Part A is compulsory
3.In part B(question three to 5),attempt any two ques. out of three.attempt all part of the ques. chosen.
4.The markes assigned to every ques. are shown at the end of every ques..
5.Answer all ques. in serial order.


Question:  1
a)What is hypertext?Explain any 2 application areas of hypertext.(2)
b)Difference ranging from extruding and lathing?(2)
c)What is difference ranging from kerning and leading
d)What do you meant by the term "to flatten the movies"?(2)
e)How animation is helpful in the multimedia?Give a few suitable examples?(2)

Question: 2
a)Compare broadcast video standards that are commonly used around the world viz.NTFS,PAL and SECAM.(5)
b)What are the various observations Limitations and capabilities for bitmap images to be traced?(5)


Question: 3
With animation,static presentation come alive .Justyify .illustrate how kinematics and morphing help in better presentation.(15)

Question: 4
To manage multimedia project ,various skills are needed.Identify the skills categories related to information,interface,media,computer programming and delivery of project?(15)

Question: 5

You are a designer provided the task of creating a website for a new division of your company.Start by defining the characteristics of the customer and type of the images the company wishes to current to its customers.Then specify a color palette to be used for the design of the site.Defend your color options by discussing the associations people have with the colors and how they relate to your customers and the company' images.(15).


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