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Thursday, 14 December 2017

CHE110 : Basic Chemistry - I Practices Questions For Exam - CHE 110

1. Define the terms: Solubility product and Common ion effect 

2. Distinguish between the following terms: electronegativity and electron affinity.

3. Write equations representing the following processes: 
i. Third ionization energy of titanium.
ii. The electron affinity of Magnesium ion
iii. The ionization energy of an oxygen ion.

4. Consider an atom of pottasium.
i. Write down its electron arrangement employing the noble gas core.
ii. Using Slater's rules, calculate the effective nuclear charge felt by the electrons in its outermost shell. 

5. It is generally expected that first ionization energy increases across a period from left to right. However, the first ionization energies of magnesium and aluminium are 738.1 and 577.9 kJ/mol respectively. How is this anomaly explained?

6. What are buffers? Explain the working of a buffer with an example.

7. Explain the terms: electronegativity, dipole and dipole moment. 

8. What are isomers? Give an example each of: skeletal (chain) isomerism in alkanes, positional isomerism in alkenes and geometric isomerism in alkenes. 

9. Comment on the reactivity of noble gases with reference to their ionization potentials and atomic structure. 


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