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Thursday, 23 November 2017

PHY112 : Modern Physics and Electronics Re appear/Improvement Question paper

Question 1 :
(a)What is significance of the wave function?

(b) Show that the variable defined by y=(ax)raised to power 1/2 where a=mw/h, in one dimensional harmonic oscillator is dimensionless.

(c) Explain Heisenbergs uncertainty principle?

(d) How zener diode acts in forward bias condition.What is the most common application of zener diode?

(e) Why we get a small current in reverse biasing of a diode?

Question 2 : 
(a) An FM radio transmitter has a power output of 150kW and operates at frequency of 99.7 MHz. How many photons per second does the transmitter emit?

(b) Find Vx and current through 1 kilo ohm resistor for given circuit:

(c) Sketch Vx for the following network:

Question 3 : 
(a) Discuss tunneling of a quantum particle through a potential energy barrier classically and quantum mechanically

(b) Discuss the application of a quantum particle trapped in a potential well.

Question 4 : Explain the terms static resistance,dynamic resistance and average resistance of semi-conductor diode with diagrams. derive the expression for dynamic resistance from shockleys equation at room temperature.

Question 5 : 
Discuss and derive the energy and wave_function of a quantum particle confined in one dimensional box. how do these results of wave function differ from classical consideration.

Question 6 : (a)what is photoelectric effect,give its experi inmental set up and also draw the results by plotting current versus voltage at different intensity how does einstein theory explain it successfully? 


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