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Thursday, 23 November 2017

CHE022 : Applied Chemistry - II Question paper - Diploma Electrical Engineering

Question 1 :
(a) what is the composition of Alnico? [2 marks]

(b)what do you mean by Pulverisation of ore? [2 marks]

(c)write atleast two internal measures for preventing corrosion. [2 marks]

(d)How pilling bed worths rule helps to decide nature of metal oxide layer? [2 marks]

(e)what is the principle of determmination of calorific value of a fuel by bomb calorimeter?[2 marks]

Question 2 : 
Give the composition,properties and uses of Nichrome and German Silver.[10 marks]

Question 3 : 
(a)Give the chemical reactions involved in extraction of iron.[10]

(b)Explain the froth floatation process of concentrating sulphide ores,with a labelled diagram.[5]

Question 4 : 
(a)what do you mean by Dry corrosion.Explain its mechanism. [5]

(b)Discuss in brief. 
(1)Galvanic corrosion.[5]
(2)Differential aeration corrosion.[5]

Question 5 :
(a)what are the advantages of gaseous fuels over solid fuels? [5] 

(b)write Dulongs formula with usual notations and calculate the higher calorific value (HCV)of coal sample containing 86% of C,10%of H and 4% of O in kilocalories per kilogram. [5]

(c)How petrol is rated by octane number?[5] 


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