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INT506 : Network Administration Mid Term Exam Question Paper

Question 1 :
a) Where default routing can be set? give example of writing its command string.[Marks 2]

b) What range of address can be used in the first octet of a Class C address?[Marks 2]

c) Which protocol works at the Transport layer and provides virtual circuits between hosts?[Marks 2]

d) What composite metric is used in IGRP?[Marks 2]

e) Explain the role of framing and sequencing in Data Link Layer of OSI reference model.[Marks 2]

Question 2:
a) How can we say a router is In-band or Out-of-band?[Marks 2]

b) What is the significance of hold down timer and update timer in RIP?[Marks 2]


Question 3 :
How you can set Passwords on a router? Write the steps in sequence order.


Do any one question from 4 and 5.

Question 4 : I am trying to open a website www.lpu.in. From the very first click that i make to open the site on the laptop's screen, write the complete steps followed considering the OSI model. Choose a suitable IP for lpu.in for demonstration purpose. Everything from the encapsulation, port numbers, de-capsulation should be mentioned using various address and device names wherever necessary. [Marks 15]

Question 5 :
Take two routers connected each other and two hosts connected end to end from each router. Configure ip address on each router interface, on host and IGRP protocol on router so that dynamic routing can be done.[Marks 15] 


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