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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

INT404 : Artificial intelligence and logic programming assignment - 1 solution Question paper


Question 1 : Explain intelligence, artificial intelligence and agent. How could you say that the given system is Artificial Intelligent or not?

Question 2: Mention how we can say that Artificial Intelligence is different from common sense?

Question 3: Are reflex actions intelligent? If yes then explain, why?


Question 4: The 8-puzzle is a square board with 9 positions, filled by 8 numbered tiles and one gap. At any point, a tile adjacent to the gap can be moved into the gap, creating a new gap position. Discuss the solution of 8-puzzle problem.

Question 5: What kinds of knowledge would an automated travel agent need to represent?

Question 6: Would an expert system be a suitable technique for implementing an automated travel agent?

Solution : Download


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