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A complete 24+ website questionnaire to impress client and users

A complete 24+ website questionnaire to impress client and users
how to impress the clients asking few questions. find the below list of the questionnaire for website.

1. In a few lines, please describe the nature of your business that you would like to communicate to your audience 

2. Considering the nature of your business, please describe your Target Audience (average age, income level, education level, etc) 

3. What is the primary message you would like your website to convey?

 4. What is the primary objective of your website? 

5. What is the current Brand perception, country/city wise and/or globally? 

6. Will you be using the existing content on your current site, or will you be providing us with new content for your website? 

7. If you are not able to provide us with the new website content, would you be interested in conducting a stakeholder’s interview process? Sure 

8. Do you have any specific design elements in mind for your website? Not exactly specific but you can refer the completion sites 

9. What does your current corporate logo symbolize? 

10. What kind of interactivity or functionality will your site require? 

11. What specific ‘look and feel’ do you want your website to convey? It’s a new age solution. We want the site to be extremely up to date with latest trends and technology

 12. What is the most important section on the website? E.g. (Home/About/Careers) 

13. Please share examples of websites you like (Content and visual) 

14. Please share examples of website where you like the navigation

15. Please share a list of competitor sites you like16.    Do you have images/visual content for your website?

17. Would you need assistance in creating images/visual content for your website? If yes, then what kind of visual content would you like to be created?

18. Do you have any partner or customer testimonials you would like to highlight on your website?

19. Would your website need to be multilingual?

20. Are there any communication guidelines for your website, which we would need to follow?

21. Would you need to showcase information using videos?

22.  Do you have videos, which you would like to show on your website?

23. Will your website require any integration with any existing applications or software? For e.g. any CRM or ERP systems?

24. Do you have an automated platform for sending out emailers/newsletters or would you need us to suggest any?

How to add the facebook messenger plugin (customer chat plugin facebook) your to website

How to add the facebook messenger plugin (customer chat plugin facebook) your to website
Today i will show you how to add the facebook message widget to your website (Customer Chat Plugin) . 

The Facebook Messenger Platform's customer chat plugin allows you to integrate your directly into your website. This allows your customers to interact with your business page anytime with the same time.

More Details about Customer Chat Plugin : click here

How to setup is the plugin : 

Step 1 :
Use can page this code before </body> tag
  window.fbAsyncInit = function() {
      appId            : 'PASTE YOUR APP ID',
      autoLogAppEvents : true,
      xfbml            : true,
      version          : 'v2.12'

  (function(d, s, id){
     var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];
     if (d.getElementById(id)) {return;}
     js = d.createElement(s); = id;
     js.src = "";
     fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);
   }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk'));

<div class="fb-customerchat" page_id="PASTE YOUR PAGE ID HERE"></div>

1. If you not creating app in facebook platform then create your app : Create New App Link. Already created the just copy the APP ID then paste in code.

2. Copy the page id form page. How to find the page id form page.
    Go to about section in the last is your facebook page id.

3. Add your website the WHITELIST DOMAINS.

You will need to make sure you can access the following: 
  1. Your Facebook business page (the ABOUT section) 
  4. Your website's HTML section
Video Tutorials :

JavaScript Tutorial : Introduction, Types of JavaScript, Syntax, Comments in javascript - JavaScript Part 1

JavaScript Tutorial : Introduction, Types of JavaScript, Syntax, Comments in javascript - JavaScript Part 1
Why javascript? 
JavaScript is a lightweight,high-level,dynamic and interpreted programming language. Alongside HTML and CSS, JavaScript is one of the core technologies Web Development. JavaScript is used to make webpages interactive.

Who can learn JavaScript?
One should have prior knowledge of HTML coding and some exposure to object-oriented programming concepts .

Types of JavaScript
Same as CSS JavaScript also of three types
2→ Internal.
3→ Inline.

Note:- JavaScript accepts both double and single quotes.

Javascript can be implemented using javascript statements
that are placed within the
<script> .. </script>

          document.write("Welcome to JavaScript !"); 
Welcome to JavaScript !

Usage of Semicolons:
In JavaScript semicolons are optional. Unlike C,C++,Java languages JavaScript allows you to omit this semicolon if each of your statements are placed on a separate line.

Example 1:
            var a = 10 
            var 2 = 20 
Output :

Example 2:
           <script >
                   var a = 10;
                   var 2 = 20;

The basic difference between example 1&2 was after each statement in the example 1 we didnt used semicolon,but in example 2 we used semicolon,basically the output was same in both the scenarios.

Note:- But it is not a good practice to ignore semicolons.

Case Sensitivity: 
JavaScript is a case-sensitive language. This means that language variables,keywords etc must always be typed consistent capitalization of letters.
Comments in javascript: 
1) Any text between a // and the end of the line will be treated as a comment and it will be ignored by JavaScript.
2) Any text between /* and */ will also be treated as a comment and that will be ignored by JavaScript.
3) Any text between <!-- and //-- > will also be treated as a comment and that will be ignored by JavaScript.

           <!-- // This is a comment. used for single line comment same as c programming.
           /* * This is a multi line comment in JavaScript * It is also similar to comments in C Programming */ //-- > 

JavaScript Introduction Part 2 : Checkout

About Developer
Konakalla Premsai
I love to make things simple :)

Lovely Professional University UMS (University Management System) Login Page Using HTML and CSS

Lovely Professional University UMS (University Management System) Login Page Using HTML and CSS
Lovely Professional University UMS (University Management System) Login Page.Lovely Professional University is a semi-residential university college in North India created under the Punjab State Private University Act 2005 and recognized by UGC under Section 2 of UGC Act 1956.

 Download Display Battery Status using HTML and CSS

FastClassified - Classified HTML, CSS and JavaScript Template

FastClassified - Classified HTML, CSS and JavaScript Template
Fastclassified looks good on normal computer, mobiles, or tablets. It Fully functional classified theme Platform which is completely responsive. The theme is extremely easy to manage and submit classified ads and you would definitely love to create your classified website with fastclassified template Design. Buy FastClassified Template only 5$ Dollar

FastClassified template Features :
  • Clean, Modern Design can be used for any type of website 
  • Full Responsive 
  • Custom Field 
  • Built with HTML and CSS 
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Working Contact Form
  • Cross Browser Support 
  • Strong focus on typography , usability and overall user-experience 
  • Social media icons 
  • Material Design 
  • Working in Mobile Design
  • and much more 
The FastClassified is a Premium Classified Template, super flexible and has a fully responsive design (try resizing your browser). Built with HTML5 , Bootstrap 3.1, and CSS3 .

 A lot of thought and care were put into FastClassified making it a pleasure to use. FastClassified looks good on normal computer, mobiles or tablets. It has Fully Functional Classified Template Platform which is completely responsive. 

Members Area and Management Tools When a visitor joins your website, they get access to their own members area where they can edit their account details, upload user photos, manage their listings and lots more! 100% Responsive Layout What ever you are using the devices your template run as it should be. We build fully responsive layout for all type of Desktop , Tablets and Mobile Phones My Ads Fronts user panel where list of all posted ads with their details like edit & Delete button. Ads views Counter & Published date.

Screenshots :

Home Page :

Page Options :

Trending Ads & Footer :

Post Ads :

User Profile Dashboard 

User Update Account : 

User Inbox (Messages) :

User Message View :

Select Sub Category :

All Ads Display :

Ads Preview :

Product & Seller Details Display : 

Contact to Seller : 

If you have any query then put your query on comment box. If you want to buy this template : 

Jobs, Events, Companies, Recruitment, Employment, Job Portal Website in PHP & MySQL

Jobs, Events, Companies, Recruitment,  Employment, Job Portal Website in PHP & MySQL
Fastjob  allows you to manage categories and job listings, event, companies and etc. Fastjob provides advanced search, front-end forms for job and resume submission.

Features FastJob :

Post a Job
  • Post a job in easy steps and start receiving applications the same day.
  • Save time and receive most relevant responses using our intelligent filter technology.
  • Post unlimited free jobs.
  • Fill the form and start getting quality applications in your inbox within an hour.
  • Independent & specialized Job Posting solutions (Full Time/Contract/Walk-In) for all hiring needs.
  • Select the type of job posting as per your need.

Manage Responses
  • Create your very own centralized database of responses, accessible from anywhere.
  • Shortlisting made easier. See the most relevant resumes first.
  • Get unlimited responses.
  • Efficient and cost-effective way to manage responses online.
  • Online database for searching resumes.
  • Hire the right, relevant candidates almost instantly through
  • Innovative recruitment solutions now on the mobile.

Registered Job-seeker Benefits
  • Get Jobs regularly in your inbox.
  • Thousands of recruiters search our database daily to find candidates. Get found by them.
  • Apply in one click to more than 10,000 jobs*.
  • Get contacted by over 5,000 Recruiters.
  • Follow Companies that can hire you.
  • Ask any query from experts
  • Search for current as well as old events.
  • Post unlimited events

Screen Shots of Main Page 

Build your network
Find out where your friends work or who works at a better company and get directly introduced by one of your network contact.

Find your dream company or let it find you
Expand your network significantly and create more work opportunities by following companies and discussions on various topics that you are interested in.

Stay on top of your career
Showcase your work experience, but more important, your work achievements and recommendations from your work colleagues and clients.

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