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Some of the key practices that businesses need to inculcate in their core model

Some of the critical practices that businesses need to inculcate in their core model can be outlined as below: 

  1. Being prepared 
  2. Refined HR policies for teams to work from home or collaborate over a common platform, leave with pay, remote working, and minimizing personal interactions, while all these are great methods and will work well for service or delivery-oriented businesses,   the same might not work for manufacturing and allied industries
  3. Revisiting travel policies, and if required enforcing a ban
  4. Backups for a supply chain of raw materials and finished goods 
  5. The well-being of the employees and their families, like stocking up on rations, flexible policies 
  6. Modular and lean supply chain to remodel it based on the situation and demand
  7. Being able to make backup plans selflessly and in such a way that the whole industry and society/country benefits from it
  8. Having an updated and open channel of communication with their employees, suppliers, vendors, and all stakeholders
  9. Consulting experts, and being agile to change policies, frameworks, and process models based on real-time and accurate situations of   the epidemic 
  10. Be prepared for the unexpected 
  11. Learn from the outbreak and plan and be better equipped for the next disaster


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