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Bosch Interviews Questions - Bosch Company

1.In which type of operating system users do not interact directly with the computer system?
A.    Multiprogramming operating systems
B.    Multiprocessing operating systems
C.    Batch operating systems
D.    Distributed operating systems

2.    Which type of scheduling algorithm is appropriate for time sharing operating systems?
A.    First come First serve
B.    Priority Scheduling
C.    Shortest job first
D.    Round Robin              

3.    The operating system switches from user mode to kernel mode so the mode bit will change from?
A.    0 to 1
B.    1 to 0
C.    Remain constant
D.    None of the above

4. Who controls the execution of programs to prevent errors and improper use of computer ?
A. Resource allocator
B. Control Program
C. Hardware
D. None of the above

5. Which data structure is used by ready queue to maintan the list for PCBs.
    A. Queue
    B. Linked list
    C. Stack

6. Which of the scheduler is responsible for selecting good mix of CPU and I/O bound processes.

A. Long-term scheduler
B. Short-term scheduler
C. Medium term sceduler
D. Both A and B

7. Who signaled for the occurrence of an event from either the hardware or the software?
A. Bootstrap program
B. Interrupt
C. Disk Controller

8. In which type of I/O interrupts the control return to the user program after the completion of I/O operation?
A. Synchronous I/O  interrupts
B. Asynchronous I/O interrupts
C. System Call
D. Hardware


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