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How to write plagiarism free content for SEO friendly websites

How to write plagiarism free content for SEO friendly websites 

The field of digital marketing is very vast and advantageous. Now, it has become an important part of your business promotions.  On social media, people get inspired by the posts of bloggers, writings of authors, and webmasters. To drive the attention of people toward your webpage, it is necessary to write content that is worth reading. If you are a writer, you must have heard a term called plagiarism in the field of content writing. It is a term that is not appreciated. A little plagiarism in your articles can waste all your efforts and de-rank your status on search engines. Moreover, it will ultimately lessen the audience and your business will go downhill.

What is plagiarism?

If you want to write content free of plagiarism for SEO-friendly websites then, you would have to find out the meaning of plagiarism and SEO-friendly website. Plagiarism means copying or you can say stealing someone’s work, idea, or content and not giving credit to the owner. For example, if you copy research from a website and upload it on your website without referring to the source, you have done plagiarism.

Plagiarism is copying someone’s content without their permission and pasting it like it on your website. It is a very unethical act to use someone’s published content for the sake of audience and promotion. Google highly dis appreciate this act and de-rank your status if you plagiarize the content

How plagiarized content affects your website

SEO-friendly websites mean that Google and other search engines can check your content and if any kind of copyright issue or plagiarism is found, then this would be alarming for you. So you have to take care of plagiarism if you want to compete with thousands of people, all working online.

How to avoid plagiarism?

Here are some tips and tricks that will guide you to write plagiarism-free content for SEO-friendly websites. Let us just suppose you have been working as an author in the field of digital marketing for several years. A little plagiarism in your content can damage your career and efforts. No matter if it is accidental or unintentional, it will spoil your reputation in the market.

The first thing that should be kept in mind is to come up with generative ideas and unique thoughts. You have to think out of the room. Try to give words to your thoughts.

Use paraphrasing tools:

After reading the articles from other websites, you may pen down the same things you just read. Instead of writing the exact lines, try to paraphrase the content. Try to change the grammar structure. You must have a good collection of synonyms. Always make sure to paraphrase your articles. The paraphrasing tool spin the entire structure of content and make a better version of it. It extracts the central idea and alternates the lines in such a way that the design does not change. If you change a major chunk of the text, then the problem of plagiarism would be resolved. Bloggers and content writers can get a high ranking by using these tools. In addition to this, these tools save your time.

Generating content manually

Most of the time, the writer wants to put his thoughts on the content. It will make the content beautiful and elegant. For this, you have to look things at from different perspectives. It is all about mind games. To write informative and generative content, you need to come up with new and unique thoughts. Here are some methods that will help you in generating new content manually.

Invest your time

Writing exclusive and exceptional articles is all about taking your time. It is the basic and foremost thing that should be kept in mind. Make sure to invest your time and get ideas from different sources.

First, you have to gather some information about the topic you are going to write about. Be careful, do not copy someone’s text but just get an idea about the topic and write it in your way. Give words to your thoughts. Make sure to get all the points and reasons that reading is looking for.

Use your thoughts and ideas

Instead of copying the exact statements from another source, try to write your ideas. Come up with something exclusive and different. This is a little tricky but it will make the article worth reading. To stand out of the crowd, you need to think out of the room. Some people may also disagree with you but this is the point. It may also show that you have a lot of knowledge about the topic.

Read other authors

It is not a wrong job to get ideas from other people. You can always check the perspective and point of view of other authors. Firstly, it will help you to know the point of other people. Secondly, it will help you to know the art of writing content. Content marketing is something in which you need motivation and inspiration. Reading your favorite authors will help you in making the content distinctive.

Proofread the content

After reading the articles from other websites, you may pen down the same things you just read. Instead of writing the exact lines, try to paraphrase the content. try to change the grammar structure. You must have a good collection of synonyms. Always make sure to paraphrase your articles. After paraphrasing, there are possibilities that the words may duplicate. To avoid this thing, always make sure to proofread the content.

Some writers upload the content without checking it. If the search engine detects any copied version of the content, it de ranks and punishes the website. To escape from this difficulty, proofread your content.

Use plagiarism checkers

Plagiarism checkers scan the article and filter the plagiarized content. These tools match each line of the content on SERP and then detect the copied content. Some of the duplicate detectors also identify the source from where the content was taken by the use of its advanced algorithms, it highlights the plagiarized content. With the help of a similarity checker, we can easily remove the copied content and make the quality of content better.

 These tools are very easy to use. The best thing about plagiarism checkers is that they are free of cost and safe to use. 


Over the past few years, the trend of publishing copied content has been increased. Plagiarism is stealing someone’s content and using it without giving reference to the source or author. It is a crime and you would be penalized in case of copyright issues. To avoid plagiarism, use your ideas, vocabulary, and structure and if you take a text from the Internet then change the structure and find synonyms of the words and change phrases and sentences as much as you can. To make SERP better, you have to make the SEO better by providing it with unique content. Follow the above-mentioned tips. These beneficial tips will help you to generate exclusive content. If you want to give the best quality of content to the readers, these online duplicate detectors are worth it. In order to make content different and unique from other websites, plagiarism checkers are very helpful. 


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