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Android app is one of the most popular among us. Android app is available on all android phones. Games and many more apps are built in these days for android phones. The android app is created for users who use phones all the time. The android app makes the work easier for everyone. For Example before if we have to deposit money to account then we have to go to the bank but now we don't need to go anywhere. Our mobile does everything in any place. The android app makes the process simpler. Through this, we can deposit money or we can do multiple transactions instantly without any delay.

Android app is having games and other popular features too like barcode scanner, camera, etc. We can download any android app through the Google Play store. Play Store is the place where we can install any app. Developers first make an android app in ionic, PhoneGap or great native and then publish it on play store then you can download the Android app.  

Android studio is the platform that is commonly used to develop an android app. You can also build your own app if you have a good knowledge of development. Sometimes the storage space problem also occurs while installing a new android app from the play store. Android apps are written in java programming languages and use java libraries. 

Android app is of two types:
1.Hybrid App
2.Native App

Amazon app stores and many other android apps focussed websites are used for installing android apps. Android app is running on an android platform which is a software application. A typical Android app is designed for smartphones, tablets, Pc running on the Android operating system. Android is a mobile operating system which is very much helpful for us to make our tasks better than earlier.

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