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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

INT401 : Database Administrator Practices 50+ Important MCQ Question - INT 401

1. How many no. of bytes are used for unique usernames?
a) 20
b) 22
c) 32
d) 30

2. LGWR process writes information into 
a Database files
b Control files
c Redolog files
d All the above. 

3.  Databases overall structure is maintained in a file called 
a Redolog file 
b Data file
c Control file
d All of the above. 

4. It is very difficult to grant and manage common privileges needed by different groups of database users 
using the roles 
a True
b False 

5. Which of the following is not an reason for the fact that most of the processing is done at the server ? 
a To reduce network traffic. 
b For application sharing 
c To implement business rules centrally, 
d None of the above 

6. Which of the following is the basic memory structure associated with Oracle?
A) Only System Global Area
B) Only Program Global Area
C) Both System and Program Global Area
D) Neither as System nor Program Global Area

7.Which of the following is a group of shared memory structures that contain data and control information for one Oracle database instance?
A) System Global Area
B) Program Global Area
C) Data Structure
D) Programmable Memory Area

8. Which of the following data structure are included in SGA?
A) Only Database buffer cache, Redo log buffer and Shared Pool
B) Only Shared Pool and Large Pool Cache
C) Only Redo log buffer and Data Dictionary cache
D) Database buffer cache, Redo log buffer, Shared Pool, Large Pool and Data Dictionary Cache

9. Which of the following application runs the database application that accesses database information and interacts with a user?
A) Server
B) Client
C) System
D) All of the above

10. Which of the following application runs the Oracle software and handles the functions required for concurrent, shared data access to an Oracle database?
A) Server
B) Client
C) System
D) All of the above

11.The …………………… consists of physical files and memory components. 
A) Oracle Client 
B) Oracle Server 
C) Oracle Middleware 
D) Oracle Instance 

12.The ............ consists of the memory components of Oracle and various background processes. 
A) Oracle Parameter 
B) Oracle Profile 
C) Oracle Process 
D) Oracle Instance 

13. The Oracle Instance is made up of the ………………………. and the background processes. 
A) System Global Area (SGA) 
B) Oracle Global Area (OGA) 
C) Program Global Area (PGA) 
D) Private SQL Area (PSA) 

14. The background processes of the Oracle instance are responsible for performing …………………. I/O functions. 
A) Synchronous 
B) Asynchronous 
C) Both of the above 
D) None of the above 

15. The PGA is used to process ………………………… and to hold logon and other session information. 
A) SQL Statements 
B) Server Processes 
C) User Processes 
D) Shared Statements 

16. In SGA, the contents of the memory area are shared by multiple users is called as ………………….. 
A) Redo Log Buffer 
B) Database Buffer Cache 
C) Shared Pool 
D) Large Pool 

17. In Oracle Database ………………….. Contain the data dictionary and user created data. 
A) Data Files 
B) Control Files 
C) Redo Log Files 
D) Password Files 

18. The ………………………….. keeps a record of the names, size locations different physical files of the Oracle Database. 
A) Data File 
B) Control File 
C) Redo Log File 
D) Password File 

19. In Oracle Database, ……………………………… is used to hold the names of privileged users who have been granted the SYSDBA or SYSOPR roles. 
A) Data File 
B) Control File 
C) Redo Log File 
D) Password File 

20. In Oracle, the end of the transaction is recorded in the ……………………….. files. 
A) Data 
B) Control 
C) Redo Log 
D) Password 

21. The Oracle environment of database is called as ___________
a) Database Schema
b) Database Instances
c) Data Structure
d) All of the Mentioned

22. Which is the smallest unit of storage in an Oracle database?
a) Data Block
b) Segment
c) Extent
d) Data File

23. Collection of information stored in database at particular instance of time is called as ____________.
a) Instance of Database
b) Objects in Databases
c) Data structure
d) Database Schema 

24. Oracle database’s design is also called as_____?
a) Database Abstraction
b) Database Instance
c) Database Schema
d) None of the Mentioned

25. What are the valid Oracle database schemas?
a) Logical Schema
b) Physical Schema
c) Logical and Physical Schema
d) None of the Mentioned

26. Which processes is an instance made of Oracle?
a) Oracle background processes
b) Memory processes
c) Data processes
d) All of the Mentioned

27. Which of the following components comprise an Oracle architecture?
a) Database related background processes
b) Tablespaces
c) Datafiles
d) All of the Mentioned

28.  What is the use of extent in Oracle?
a) Stores user data within the database
b) Stores rollback information used when data must be rolled back
c) Minimize the amount of wasted (empty) storage
d) None of the Mentioned

29. Which area of PGA stores binding variables and run-time buffers information?
a) SQL area
b) Private SQL area
c) Stack space
d) Session area

30. In Oracle, which of below are types of segments?
a) Permanent Segment
b) Object Segment
c) Data Segment
d) All of the Mentioned

31. The redo log buffer and Shared pool are elements of?
a) PGA
b) Buffer cache
c) PGA and Buffer cache
d) SGA

32. What do the schema objects comprise of?
a) Table
b) Index
c) Cluster
d) All of the Mentioned

33. The ____________ contains a set of tables and views that Oracle uses as a reference to the database.
a) PGA
b) Library cache
c) Data dictionary
d) SGA

34. The database administrator who authorizes all the new users, modifies database and takes grants privilege is
a) Super user
b) Administrator
c) Operator of operating system
d) All of the mentioned

35. Explanation:The authorizations provided by the administrator to the user is privilege.
Which of the following is a basic form of grant statement ?
a) Grant ‘privilege list’
on ‘relation name or view name’
to ‘user/role list’;
b) Grant ‘privilege list’
on ‘user/role list’
to ‘relation name or view name’;
c) Grant ‘privilege list’
to ‘user/role list’
d) Grant ‘privilege list’
on ‘relation name or view name’
on ‘user/role list’;

36. Which of the following is used to provide privilege to only a particular attribute ?
a) Grant select on employee to Amit
b) Grant update(budget) on department to Raj
c) Grant update(budget,salary,Rate) on department to Raj
d) Grant delete to Amit

37. Which of the following statement is used to remove the privilege from the user Ravi ?
a) Remove update on department from Ravi
b) Revoke update on employee from Ravi
c) Delete select on department from Ravi
d) Grant update on employee from Ravi

38. Which of the following is used to provide delete authorization to instructor ?
a) Create role instructor ;
grant delete to instructor;
b) Create role instructor;
grant select on takes
to instructor;
c) Create role instructor;
grant delete on takes
to instructor;
d) All of the mentioned

39. Which of the following is a good practice ?
a) Give full permission for remote transferring
b) Grant read only permission
c) Grant limited permission to specified account
d) Give both read and write permission but not execute.

40. Which of the following is least secure method of authentication ?
a) Key card
b) fingerprint
c) retina pattern
d) Password

41. Which of the following is a strong password ?
a) 19thAugust88
b) Delhi88
c) P@assw0rd
d) !augustdelhi

42. Which happens first authorization or authentication ?
a) Authorization
b) Authentication
c) Both are same
d) None of the mentioned

43. If we wish to grant a privilege and to allow the recipient to pass the privilege on to other users, we append the __________ clause to the appropriate grant command.
a) With grant
b) Grant user
c) Grant pass privelege
d) With grant option

44. The granting and revoking of roles by the user may cause some confusions when that user role is revoked .To overcome the above situation
a) The privilege must be granted only by roles
b) The privilege is granted by roles and users
c) The user role cannot be removed once given
d) By restricting the user access to the roles

45. A _________ consists of a sequence of query and/or update statements.
a) Transaction
b) Commit
c) Rollback
d) Flashback

46. Which of the following makes the transaction permanent in the database ?
a) View
b) Commit
c) Rollback
d) Flashback

47. In order to undo the work of transaction after last commit which one should be used ?
a) View
b) Commit
c) Rollback
d) Flashback

48. Consider the following action:
What does Rollback do?
a) Undoes the transactions before commit
b) Clears all transactions
c) Redoes the transactions before commit
d) No action

49.  In case of any shut down during transaction before commit which of the following statement is done automatically ?
a) View
b) Commit
c) Rollback
d) Flashback
Ans c


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