SAP Modularization MCQ Questions with Answer

1. What stands for BAPI
a. Business Application Product Interface.
b. Business Application Programming Interface.
c. Business Authority Product Instance.
d. Business Authorization Programming Interface.

Ans. b

2. What stands for BOR
a. Business Open Resources.
b. Basic Object Resources.
c. Basic Open Resources.
d. Business Object Repository.

Ans. d

3. Which of the following statement is correct.
a. A BAPI can have more than one BOR.
b. A BAPI can not have more than one BOR.
c. A BOR can belongs to one BAPI only.
d. None of them

Ans. a

4. Which of the following is not a standard method in form of BAPI
a. AddItem
b. RemoveItem
c. Delete
d. DeleteItem

Ans. d

5. Which one of the following is correct naming convention for function modules
a. BAPI<bussiness object name><method name>
b. BAPI<bussiness name><object name><method name>
c. BAPI<bussiness name><method name><object name>
d. BOR<bussiness object name><method name>

Ans. a

6. Which of the following is INCORRECT about function module
a. Function module is remote enabled.
b. There is no user dialogs or messages.
c. Function module raises exceptions frequently.
d. all of the above

Ans. c

7.The interface of function Module consist of
b.export parameters
c changing

8.Globally defined modularization units can be used by
a)only one program
b)n number of programs
c)we cannot use
d)none of the above

9.The contents of several data within a modularization units are
a)mutually independent
b)mutually dependent
c)both (a) &(b)
d)none of the above

10. Variable defined in main program are :
a) global data object(true)
b) local data object
c)  sub data object
d) none of the above

11. Which statement is used to call a sub routine generated in source code
a) perform
b) pattern
c) execute
d) none

Aans: a

12. can you implement call generation by using pattern push button 

13. control functions of ABAP debugger is 

a) 1, 2, 4
b) 3, 4, 2
c) 1, 3, 4 
d) 2, 3, 4

14.Which of the following exception can be raised by Methods:
 a) classic Exception
 b) class-based Exception
 c) Either a or b
 d) NONE

Ans: c

15.________ are used to exchange data between the program and the module?
a)global functions
b)local variables
c)global variables


16.The total number of parameters in a modularization unit is referred to as_____?
c)Both a & b

Ans :c

16.Modularization is used for__________
a)to improve performance
b)to provide better overview of program and to
c)to make function available across the system


17.What is a subroutine?
a)a modularization unit within a program.
b)a modularization unit within a system
c)a modularization unit within a function


18.Variables defined in the main program are_______?
a)Locally visible
b)globally visible
c)not accessible
d)Both a & b.


19. _______ can be called from all function modules in the group.
a) subroutines  
b) screens 
c) both a and b.  
d) neither a nor b option  

Ans: c

20. Components of a function group is/are
a) Data objects 
b) Screens 
c) Subroutines 
d) all of the above

Ans. d

21. What does Data objects are global in relation to the function group means?
a) they are visible to, and cannot be changed by function module within the group
b) they are visible to, and can be changed by function module within the group
c) they are invisible to, and can be changed by function module within the group
d) they are invisible to, and cannot be changed by function module within the group

Ans. b

22. A function module is a procedure with a corresponding function that is stored centrally in the _____ of the SAP system.
a) function library 
b) function file 
c) function object 
d) function directory

Ans. a

23. Which of the following elements are contain by the interface of a function module
a) Import parameter and export parameter 
b) Changing parameter and Exceptions 
c) both a and b 
d)none of the above

Ans. c

24. When a program calls a function module : 
a) The corresponding function group is loaded and function module waits for execution
b) The corresponding function group is loaded and function module is executed
c) Only loading of a function group is achieved by calling a function module
d) none of the above

Ans: b

25.Which of the following special tools maintains global classes ?
a) Object Builder
b) Class Builder
c) Method Builder
d) Attribute Builder

Ans. 2

26.Class based exception Handling the class must be bounded in while area?
a) TRY and ENDTRY 
c) main()
d) all of the above
Ans:- a)

27. which of the following can be used as a visibility option for an attribute?
a) public 
b) private 
c) static 
d) instance 

Ans a) and b)

28. The system calls the methods using b call class method statement 
a) true 
b) false 

And b) false

29.Data in the SAP system can be accessed by means of a Business Application Programming Interface (BAPI).
       a)  True
       b)  False
       c)  True sometimes
       d)  Cant say

30. For creating your own global class and method, you require the following knowledge:
a) An understanding of the basic terms of object-oriented programming.
b) An understanding of how to acquire information about the function and use of global
classes and their methods.
c) An understanding of how to create global classes.
d) All the above.

31. Global data objects within the function group are not visible outside the function group
a) True
b) False
c) True sometimes
d) Cant say

32.The system calls the methods using the CALL CLASS METHOD statement

Answer : b) False

33.When you identify a method as a static method, it can be called directly without the need to generate an instance of the class first.

Answer: a) True

34.Which of the following is correct selection to create a global class :
a) Create -> Class -> Class Library
b) Create -> Class Library -> Class
c) Class -> Class Library -> Create
d) Class Library -> Class -> Create 

Answer: b) Create -> Class Library -> Class

35.To create a static method you need to write _________ in method list.
a) parameter type  
b)class name     
c)method name     
d) b and c

Ans:  c

36.To create a static method, all you need to do is enter its name in the Constructor list.
a) TRUE          

Ans: b 

37. While you are editing source code,you can display the signature method using:
a) display pushbutton   
b)method pushbutton
c)signature pushbutton  
d)none of these

Ans: c

38. ______ can be used as a visibility option for an attribute
a) public 
b) private     
c) protected   
d) both a and b

Ans: d


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