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Friday, 8 December 2017

MBA : Organization Behavior End Term Exam Question Paper

Section A: ( 2 marks)
1.All questions are compulsory

i.What is Myers-Briggs type indicatior?
ii.What is selective perception?
iii. What is halo effect?
iv.Elaborate stereo typing with the help of example.
v.Define motivation.
vi.What is intuition and how does it help in making decisions?
vii.Differentiate between ego and superego.
viii.Give an example of principle of proximity in perception.
ix.Enlist different traits of Type A personality.
x.How does heredity affect personality?

Section B: (5 marks)
i. Describe McGregor’s theory X abd Y and the situations in which they can be applied.
ii. Outline the perceptual process and elaborate upon factors affecting perception.
iii. Explain Herzberg’s theory of motivation with examples.
iv. How is job satisfaction related to productivity, absenteeism and turnover?
v. Discuss the significance of the study of OB for an engineer.
vi. Discuss how the “Big five” personality attributes that might affect a managers own behavior in dealing with subordinates.
vii. What is cognitive dissonance?Give examples.
viii. Give suitable examples when negative and positive reinforcement are helpful to managers.
ix. How does OB benefit from other disciplines of study?Give examples.
x. Discuss attribution theory of perception with suitable examples.
xi. Explain Sigmund freud’s psychoanalytic theory of Personality.
xii. What are the major personality traits influencing human behavior in an organzation?

Section C: (10 marks)
i. Compare and contrast Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs theory with McClland theory of needs.
ii. Compare and contrast classical conditioning and operant conditioning theories with relevant examples.
iii. How does the study of personality help in understanding organizational behavior?
iv. Write short notes on the following giving examples:
a.Biographical factors affecting individual behavior.
b.Social learning theory.
v. What is Vroom’s expectancy theory of motivation?What are its application?Give examples.
vi. Discuss the various steps in the decision making process.what Factors would you consider while chosing a job?


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