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Sunday, 26 November 2017

MEC201 : Mechanics of Solids End Term Exam Question Paper

Section - A
1. Attempt all'questions. All questions carry equal marks. 5 x 2 : l0
(a) Explain the terms :
(i) Fatigue
(ii) Creep

(b) Define Pattern. What are different types of patterns ? List the various tlpes of
allowances which are usually provided in a pattern.

(c) What is the difference between straight polarity and reverse polarity in Electric
arc welding ?

(d) Define plant layout. What are the different types of plant layout ?

(e) What are different parts of Lathe machine ? Name the operations, which can be
performed on Lathe machine.

Section - B

2. Attempt any three questions. All questions carry equal marks. 3 x 5 : 15
(a) What are plain carbon steels ? Discuss in brief the classification of plain carbon
steels and also statc few applications.

(b) Discuss briefly the causes and remedies of any five casting defects.

(c) What are the advantages and disadvantages of hot working and cold working
processes ?

(d) List the advantages, disadvantages and applications of Powder metallurgy

(e) Explain with neat sketch, principal parts of Shaper.

Section - C

3. Attempt all questions. All questions carry equal marks. 5 x 5 :25
(a) Write short note on any two of the following :
(i) Annealing.
(ii) Normalizing.
(iii) Tempering.

(b) Explain Die casting with neat sketch. State its advantages and disadvantages.


What is Extrusion ? How extrusion processes are classified ? List the applications
of Extrusion process.

(c) Differentiate between up milling and down milling.


Define welding. What is Electric arc welding ? Explain with the help of neat
sketch, the principle used in Electric arc welding.

(d) Compare process layout and product layout.


What is composite material ? How are composite materials classified ? Write the
applications of composite materials

(e) Differentiate between soldering and brazing process.


Write the properties and applications of
(i) Stainless steel
(ii) Duralumin
(iii) Wrought Iron


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