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INT404 : Artificial Intelligence & Logic Programming Question paper

Question 1 :
 (a)Name various conflict resolution approaches.

(b)Define the terms abduction and inheritance.

(c)Write short notes on Horn Clauses.

(d)Enlist any four applications of Artificial Neural Networks.

(e)Define clustering and its Importance in AI.

(f)In which type of systems non monotonic reasoning is required to represent the knowledge?

(g)Discuss the importance of fuzzy logics in AI

(h)What are modal statements and how do these statements play role to get conclusions?

(i)Define the term inheritance revisiting.

(j)Differentiate the terms belief and plausibility properly. [20]

Question 2 : 
(a)Three missionaries and three cannibals find themselves on one side of a river. They have agreed that they would all like to get to the other side. But the missionaries are not sure what else the cannibals have agreed to. So the missionaries want to manage the trip across the river in such a way that the number of missionaries on either side of the river is never less than the number of cannibals who are on the same side. The only boat available holds only two people at a time. Show the solution using DFS, how can everyone get across the river without the missionaries risking being eaten?

(b)What is the need of spell check in language processing?Also discuss how Levenstein Distance helps in spell checking?

(c)Differentiate Partitioned Semantic Nets with Intersection Search by taking proper examples.

(d)Define the terms Heuristic. What are the limitations of Hill Climbing approach, give proper example in your justification. [20]

Question 3 : 
Consider the following axioms:
a.Every bird sleeps in some tree.
b.Every loon is a bird, and every loon is aquatic.
c.Every tree in which any aquatic bird sleeps is beside some lake.
d.Anything that sleeps in anything that is beside any lake eats fish.
Using the facts mentioned above, prove the following statement using resolution:
"Every loon eats fish." [20]

Question 4 :
Consider the problem of finding clothes to wear in the morning. TO solve thisproblem it is necessary to use knowledge such as:
*Wear jeans unless either they are dirty or you have a job interview today.
*Wear a sweater if it's cold.
*It's usually cold in winter.
*Wear sandals if it's warm.
*It's usually warm in the summer.
Build a JTMS-style database of the necessary facts to solve this problem. Also prepare ATMS after considering all suitable assumptions. [20]

Question 5 : 
(a)What is the need of Natural language processing in AI? Also explain each step.
(b)Discuss the term frame. Discuss the importance of frames in week slots. [20]
Q6.Define the term Certainty Factor. Using MYCIN's rules for inexact reasoning, compute CF, MB and MD of h1 given three observations (o1, o2, o3), where:
CF(h1, o1)=0.5
CF(h1, o2)=0.3
CF(h1, o3)=-0.2 [20] 


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