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Thursday, 23 November 2017

ENG201 : Functional Communication Skill - II Mid Term exam Question Paper


Question 1 :
a)Expand the idea contained in the folloeing line in 50-60 words of your own:
Little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

b)give the format of the business letter?

c)compare the speeches by martin luther king and mary fisher .and tell which 
speech was more powerful and why?

d) what is the format of notice writing?

e)combine each of the following pairs of sentences into a simple sentence.
1.he won a jackpot.he built a big mansion.
2.he stood on tip-toe.he reached for the bunch of grapes.

Question 2 : 
a)write a dummy format of formal as well as informal letter?
b)do you think that india is suffering from any epidemic these days?
what curative measures can be taken to remove that epidemic?

Question 3 : You want apply for your dream job in some MNC.draft your resume for the

Question 4 : 
Transform the following simple sentences into single complex sentence.
i)prudent boys work hard.
ii)the reason of her failure is not known.
iii)he was absent due to his illness.
iv)tell me the truth.
v)many have been admitted.
vi)it is too hot to go out without an umbrella.
vii)kalidasa , the author of shakuntala,lived at the court of vikramaditya. 
viii)i want a room to live in.
ix)india may win. It is our hope.
x)we reached the station. the train had left.
xi)the grapes hung over the wall. The fox saw the grapes.
xii)i hope to pass the examination.
xiii)please tell me your address.
xiv)he was sick.he remained at home.
xv)you stole my books . I know it.


Question 5 :
Convert the given precise into full report.

the convocation function was conducted in LPU. Many chief guests arrived on the occasion and honoured the students. There were some cultural events and motivational speeches in the end. While students were happy on being announced as graduates , teachers were happy that their students have achieved a mile stoe in life. It was pleasure all around and a shower of greeting to everybody from everybody.the function began with the opening speech of the chancellor and was followed by honouring students with degrees. Gold medals and other rewards were also given to meritorious students.[15 marks] 


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