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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

ELE323 : High Voltage Engineering Practices Question for exams

Questiom 1.
Design a 4-bit full adder using half adders and other combinational logic elements.

Question 2.
 It is desired to design a n-bit binary ripple counter that is capable of counting the number of items passing on a conveyor belt. Each time an item passes a given point, a pulse is generated that can be used as a clock input. If the maximum number of items to be counted is 8000, determine the number of flip-flops required.

Question 3.
Write a program in MATLAB for Double-Sideband  Amplitude Modulation.

Question 4.
Compute the voltage gain GV and then the output voltage vout for the inverting op amp circuit shown in Figure below, given that vin = sin(t) mV. Plot vin and vout as mV versus time on the same set of axes.

Question 5.
Compute the output voltage vout for the amplifier circuit shown below:

Question 6.
Discuss the Inverting and non-inverting modes of operation of op-amp IC-741.


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