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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

CSE251T : COMPUTING-|| - Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Mid term Question paper


Q1. (a).Add extra brackets to the following expression to explicitly show the order in which the operators are evaluated.:
(n| p&q^p<<2+q)
(b) what is the use of destructor?
(c)Write the steps involved in overloading an operator .
(d)Give any two advantages of template.
(e)Name any two types of iterators.

Q2. (a).Is nesting of member function possible?if yes, explain.
(b).Distinguish between direct and indirect base classes using example.
(c).Elaborate the similarities and difference between class and namespace with example.


Q3 .Expain the advantages of Object Oriented Programming over Procedural Programming in detail.

Q4 .Write a program that uses virtual base classes.The class at the top of the hierarchy should provide a constructor that takes at least one argument (i.e. do not provide a default constructor).

Q5 .What do you mean by friend class? Explain how you can define friend class along with its advantage.

Q6. Explain the meaning of pre-increment and post-increment operator .How can you overload pre-increment and post-increment operators in C ++? Demonstrate using example.


Q7.  Is it possible for a program segment to have more than one condition to throw an exception ?if yes,write the program to handle multiple catch statements.

Q8. "Run time polymorphism can be achieved only when a virtual function is accessed through a pointer to the base class".Write a program to implement the statement .

Q9. Write a program to read words and dynamically allocate space for each word . The maximum number of words that can be read and store are 1000. Reverse all the words ,display them and then delete dynamically the allocated space. 


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