Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Chemistry MCQ Questions for Lovely Professional University NEST engineering exam paper

Here is the exam paper Chemistry

Question 1:
The density (in g mL-1) of a 3.60 M sulphuric acid solution that is 29% H2 SO4 (Molar mass =98g mol-1) by mass will be

A) 1.40
B) 1.50
C) 1.88
D) 1.22

Question 2:
In the cell reaction Cu (s) +2 Ag+ (aq)→ cu2++ (aq)+2 Ag (s),E0cell = 0.46 V. By doubling the concentration of Cu2+, E0cell is

A) doubled
B) Does not changed
C) increased but less than double
D) decreased by a small fraction

Question 3:
Before introducing FeO in blast furnace, it is converted to Fe2 O3 by roasting so that

A) it may not be removed as slag with silica
B) it may not evaporate in the furnace
C) Presence of it may increase the m.p of charge
D) It may not form iron carbide with coke.

Question 4:
Which of the following statements is incorrect?

A) Cr2+ is strongly reducing while Mn3+ is strongly oxidizing.
B) Co2+ is stable in aqueous solution but in the presence of complexing reagents it is easily oxidised.
C) [Cu(CN)4 ]2- is more stable than [Cu(NH3)4 ]2+
D) [Ti F6]2- is highly unstable while [Ti Cl6]2- is stable.Question

Question 5.
Reaction of cyclohexanone with dimethylamine in the presence of catalytic amount of an acid forms a compound if water during the reaction is continuously removed. The compound formed is generally known as

A) an enamine
B) a Schiff’s base
C) an amine
D) an imine


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