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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Biology MCQ Question for Lovely Professional University NEST engineering exam paper

Question 1:
Maximum life span of dog is:

(A) 5 years
(B) 10 years
(C) 15 years
(D) 20 years

Question 2:
The most abundant element present in plants is:

(A) Manganese
(B) Iron
(C) Carbon
(D) Nitrogen

Question 3:
Hunger center in human is present in

(A) Medulla oblongata
(B) Hypothalamus
(C) Pons varolii
(D) Mitochondria

Question 4:
Energy flow and energy transformations of a living system follow:

(A) Law of limiting factor
(B) Law of thermodynamics
(C) Liebig’s law of minimum
(D) Biogenetic law

Question 5:
The statement correct about enzymes is:

(A) they are amino acids
(B) they are most active at a temperature of 00C
(C) they are all proteins
(D) they are most active at pH 6.9


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