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Thursday, 23 November 2017

CHE151 : Chemistry Practices Questions for exam

Question 1 : Why atoms of higher ionization potential forms covalent bond?

Question 2 : Why covalent compounds have a particular geometry and posses is isomerism?

Question 3 : Compare the melting points of ionic compounds and covalent compounds and explain the reason in brief.

Question 4 : In case of Be ,B, and C they have only 0,1 and 2 unpaired electron respectively but they have a covalency of 2,3 and 4 respectively .Explain with the help of orbitals.

Question 5 : Why AlF63- , Pcl5 exist but BF63-,and Ncl5 doesn’t exist?

Question 6 : Why Sicl4 hydrolyses but Ccl4 doesn’t hydrolyses in water? Explain the steps involved in hydrolysis?

Question 7 : Why SF6 and SeF6 don’t hydrolyse but TeF6 hydrolyses?

Question 8 : Write a short notes on VBT.

Question 9 : Compare the bond order , stability ,magnetic character of O2,O2+.O2-,O22-. write them in increasing order of bond order.

Question 10 : Draw all the possible geometry of clF2 .which is the most stable?
Draw structures of following compounds a)XeF4 b)XeF6 c)XeO3 d)XeoF2 e)XeoF4


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