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Course code : MGT511 : Business Enviroment Question Paper Mid Term Exam

Question no : 1

a)Define a "bull market"and a "Bear market? (2 marks)

b)What do you understand by Capital account and current account?

c)Explain the PEST analysis? (2 marks)

d)What is the meaning of industrialization ? (2 marks)

e)What is meant by legal environment of a business? (2 marks)

Question no : 2
a)Suppose the RBI increases the repo and reverse repo rate by 25 basis points.What is the implication of this to the economy.? (5 marks)
b)What is the difference ranging from CENVAT and VAT? (5 marks)

Question no : 3
What is economic development ?Discuss in detail thr common characteristics of underdeveloped /developing countries? (15 marks)

Question no : 4
Suppose you are an automobile manufacturer who wants to enter Indian market Conduct a PESTLE analysis of India and explain the factors that will affect you. (15 marks)

Question no : 5
"A counter cyclical fiscal policy can be used as a stabilization tool in a developing economy" explain. (15 marks)

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