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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

CSE320 : Software Engineering End Term Question Paper | lpu


Question 1.
(a) What is UML ? Write at least three advantage and disadvantage of UML
(b) Differentiate the GUI and Text Based UI.

(c) What Problems are likely to arise if a module has low cohesion ?

(d) What are the Design approaches for software ? Explain each with example.

(e) What is testing ? Can testing assure that software is 100% error free ? Justify your answer with proper explanation.

(f) How the quality of software product is different from the quality of hardware product ?

(g) Define SPM and enlist the major responsibilities of a SPM.

(h) Why does a project manager needs to estimate the size of a software product ? How is the size estimated ?

(i) What is PSP and Six Sigma ? Define the objectives and scope of each.

(j) Discuss the role of data dictionary in a CASE environment and the main advantage of case tools.


Question 2.
(a) Develop a context diagram and a detailed Data Flow Diagram to withdraw money from a Bank ATM Machine.
 (b) A design solution that is difficult to understand would lead to increased development cost and maintenance. Justify the statement using an appropriate example relevant to software design.

Question 3.
(a)  Develop a detailed set of test cases to perform testing on a newly developed University Management System.
(b) Using example discuss how does software engineering principles help to develop software products cost effectively and timely.

Question 4.
(a) Exploratory Style of software development is limited to small scale software and less suitable for large scale software. Using examples justify the statement.
(b) Discuss the different categories of Black Box Testing.

Question 5.
(a) Discuss the process and steps to get the ISO certification for a software development company.
(b) Discuss the different levels of CMM. How do they enhance the over all effectiveness of the development process.

Question 6.
(a) Using Examples, discuss the different levels of scheduling techniques used in SPM.
(b) Explain the unit testing and integration testing along with various approaches used for


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