INT418 : Mobile Computing Reappear / End Term Question Paper 2016 : INT 418 | LPU

Mobility Management
Mobile node changes its physical location (address) at a much smaller timescale-

To ensure that a mobile node m is able to communicate with some other node n in a
network, the networking infrastructure has to ensure that

(1) m’s location [e.g., its access point (AP) in wireless local area networks (WLANs) and base
stations in cellular networks] can be determined so that a route can be established between
m and n,

(2) when m moves out of the range of the current AP [henceforth, we use the two terms,
access point and base station, interchangeably], it establishes a connection with another AP,

(3) the connection/data packets are rerouted correctly to the new AP.

Location management : search and update


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