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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

INT418 : Mobile Computing ebook & ppts - Mobile Computing Notes | LPU

Definition from Wikipedia: ”Mobile computing, a generic term describing one’s ability to use technology untethered, but often used to refer to access to information or applications from occasionally-connected, portable, networked computing devices.”

What Is Mobile Computing?

Basically, mobile computing systems are distributed systems with a network to communicate between different machines. Wireless communication is needed to enable mobility of communicating devices.

Mobile Computing ebook: 

Download Mobile Computing ebook 

Download Mobile Computing Ppts : 

1. Chapter 1: Adaptability—The Key to Mobile Computing


3. Download Data Transmission.ppt

4. Download Antennas and Propagation.ppt

5.  Download Spread Spectrum.ppt

6. Download Data Dissemination and Management.ppt

7. CHAPTER 3: Data Dissemination and Management - Topics

8. CHAPTER 3: Data Dissemination and Management (2)

9. Context-Aware Computing.ppt

10. Middle ware ppt

11. Protocols for wireless Sensor Networks

12. Protocols

13. Service Discovery Middleware Finding Needed Services


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