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Make an Attractive Butterfly in Photoshop

This tutorial will show you the steps to make an  attractive the butterfly in Photoshop.

I am showing you how to make an attractive butterfly in Photoshop. I am describing the tutorial with text and image screen shorts. I am going to explain in step by steps. You can follow the steps then make your own butterfly in Photoshop. 

Step 1: Create file  and Draw 4 Circle (Butterfly Wings)
Create a new document (any size ) and fill it white. After creating the document and then draw 4 circles with black border then re-size the shape into egg shape ( Tool name for re-size the shape: Free Transform ).

Step 2: Place small size circles
Placing the small size of circles with same color without border. Hide the interconnect between the 4 circles.

Step 3: Draw new circle (Butterfly Body)
Draw a new circle using ellipse tool then re-size the circle into egg shape.

Step 4: Draw again new circle (Butterfly Face)
Draw again new circle and don't re-size the circle shape. Circle shape like earth.

Step 5: Make the line inside the circle (Butterfly body)

Step 6: Draw two new circle (Butterfly Eyes)
Draw a two new circle for making the butterfly eyes. Both circle size should be different. Mean first circle is big and second circle small than first circle.

Step 7: Draw two curve lines (Butterfly Face)
Draw the two curve lines for making the smiley face of butterfly. First curve
line bigger then second curve line like this: 

Step 8: Draw again two curve lines (Butterfly Eyes Antenna)
Draw again two curve lines for making the butterfly eyes antenna.

Step 9: Draw again two circles (Butterfly Eyes Club of Antenna)
Draw a two circles to make the butterfly eyes club of antenna.

Step 10: Draw again two circles (Butterfly Eyes Cornea)
Draw two circles fill it black color.

Step 11: Draw four circles (Butterfly Eyes Aqueous humour )
Draw a four circle to make the butterfly eyes Aqueous Humor. Circle color should be white then eyes look real.

Step 12: Draw a different circles
Draw a different circles inside the butterfly wings like this:

About the butterflies:
Butterflies are brightly colored insects that feed on nectar and help pollinate flowers. This tutorial will show you the steps to make the butterfly by using Photoshop.

Final Butterfly Done !
Now you can make your own butterfly using photoshop and other software. Learn More and Enjoy More

Video : View Video